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Afghanistan is a landlocked country in the Middle East, and south west asia.
North of it is Turkmenistan, Uzbakistan and Tajikistan.
West of it is Iran.
East and South of it is Pakistan.
An Islamic Republic.
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Where is Afghanistan?

Location of Afghanistan Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. According to Columbia Encyclopedia, "Afghanistan is bordered by Iran on the west, by Pakistan on the east and south, and by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan on the north; a narrow strip, the Vakhan (Wakhan), extends in t ( Full Answer )

How did Afghanistan get its name?

In Dari(Afghan Language) when we say 7 it's pronounced as Haft therefore its modified as Af-ghanistan. 7 because 7 tribes lives in Afghanistan. Hazarah, Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, Hindu, Sikh and Turkman.

Why was Afghanistan invaded?

Usually with a question this nebulous, it would be impossible to answer it. However, interestingly enough, the upwards of 15 invasions of Afghanistan (excepting the US invasion in 2001) were all reasoned on account of its strategic position. (There was never a desire to hold Afghanistan for its peop ( Full Answer )

What were the causes of Afghanistan?

The British found out that the Afghans were a bit difficult to deal with in the 1840s.... The causes of Afghanistan are very difficult to quantify......

What is Afghanistan known for?

Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of superpowers. This is because every superpower that has tried to conquer it has failed and it has lead to their eventual demise. It is also known for t's hand-woven carpets which are world famous. Afghanistan is also famous for it's rich history that have left ( Full Answer )

What are the Regions in Afghanistan?

There are three regions in Afghanistan that are split intosub-regions. Northern Afghanistan is split into the sub-regions ofNorth Eastern Afghanistan and North Western Afghanistan. CentralAfghanistan is split into the sub-regions Eastern Afghanistan,Central Afghanistan, and Western Afghanistan. The ( Full Answer )

Why are Canadians in Afghanistan?

To stabilize Afghanistan, and help remove the Taliban government. This was following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre, and our NATO cohorts, the United States' invasion of Iraq shortly thereafter.

How do you say how are you in Afghanistan?

Because pashto is obviously the main language in Afghanistan this is how you say how are you in pashtu: (written in English) Senga yeh? Answer 2 Sorry that was worng the main language of Afghanistan is not pashto it is dari so you say how are you like this Chotor asten

What is the climate in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has a continental climate, the summers are warm and winters cold, due to the great mountainous extension. The temperatures vary daily according to the season and depending on the altitude. Great parts of the country undergo drought and the fresh water availability is limited. Mainly it r ( Full Answer )

Why are troops in Afghanistan?

because of the pm . Because of Osama bin Ladan and his organization. they have been major targets of the U.S believed to be near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal area. . To stop the Taliban causing trouble. . To make a stable democratic country. . To teach the locals and people a ( Full Answer )

Who is Afghanistans leader?

As of July 2014, Hamid Karzai is the President of Afghanistan,having served since December 7, 2004. Karzai was born in Kandahar,Afghanistan.

Why is the US in Afghanistan?

Because they have forget the Vietnam War and they just want to remember how they have seen more dangerous country then Vietnam and are scared and they are now trying to get out of it. Because it just makes economic sense. dumping US monies in to a no load country while US citizens are losing ther ( Full Answer )

What is famous in Afghanistan?

The most famous person in Afghanistan is Ahmad Shah Abdali Durrani. The most famous fruit in Afghanistan is Afghan Tut or Afghan(strawberry). The most famous place in Afghanistan is Kandahar. and there are more many famous things in Afghanistan

Were is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is in Asia. Asia is a continet. Which means Afghanistan is in Middle-East of Asia. The bordering countries are Pakistan, India, etc.

Is Afghanistan in Asia?

Yes. Its part of Central/South east Asia. And it it not part of Middle East. The majority of people speak Farsi, a French/German/English/Araic/and Indian language. ( mostly French. )

Is Afghanistan a democracy?

Until the late 1970s, yes. But since the US trouble, no. The country has thousands of US militants killing people, so it's not a democracy.

Who fought in Afghanistan?

first Afghanistan used to be peaceful and lovely then suddenly Russians came and fought against Afghanistan for ten years and Afghanistan fought back so this time afghanistam succeeded then talibans came the Americans cames now America is still there in Afghanistan

How heated is Afghanistan?

Afghan houses are very cold in winter. Wood fires don't provide a lot of heat, and there is little wood.

Are there mountains in Afghanistan?

Abdullah Gan, Barai Ghar, Concord Peak, Dacht-i-Navar group , Hindukush, Koh-i-Baba, Kuh-e-Bandaka, noshak, Pamir Mountains, Safaid Koh, Sanglakh range, Mount Sikaram, Takur Ghar, Vavak Group

Does it snow in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is the hieghest Islamic country in the world the giant hindukush mountains have sourounded afghansitan the most snow fall in hapens in badakhshan and in the haert 0f hazara jat the bamian also the most famous place in havy snow fall is the salang pass and there is snow in kabul also an ( Full Answer )

What does Afghanistan import?

Afghanistan imports a broad range of products, including food, vehicles, textiles, and petroleum products. Although Afghanistan has received a great deal of attention for its opium poppy production and export, other significant exports from Afghanistan include natural gas and dried fruit. There is a ( Full Answer )

What is the lifestyle in Afghanistan?

it super kool MORE IF YOU ARE A LADY or a women you have to cover ur face and just show it to ur esposo en la noche. answer by: tapia

Why are NATO in Afghanistan?

Well after the Fall of USSR , there was a talk between NATO that should they dissolve too , but they didn't ! but they talked about the modern world, they say that the enemy is using new technologies to harm our population and our territory, so the NATO must change its law too. We will still defend ( Full Answer )

Are their trees in Afghanistan?

Of course. There are trees in every country and state. If there wasnt trees in Afghanistan, then everyone there would be dead. Trees make oxygen and absorb cardon dioxide.. Think about it. Don't think fictional. Actually think about it. This question was really unreasonable no offense.

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Armed forces around the world are bravely fighting in Afghanistan due a constant terror threat. A Taliban fighter said on camera: "Once we have taken Afghanistan, we will take move west. Invading England and America." Also, next to Afghanistan is Iran. Iran have nuclear power, which, if the Taliba ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Afghanistan?

good question are you askin goes you want to go or something well anyways in Afghanistan you can have fun like it has really nice weather and good places like rivers and mountains and you can swim or do fishing anything you want in the rivers atleast it ain't like London no offence yeah but if you l ( Full Answer )

Does it snow it Afghanistan?

yes and of course it is lots of snow there. especially on the top of the mountains. Like in Kabul it falls snow in winter.

What Country was Afghanistan before Afghanistan?

A country is a nation, and Afghanistan predates nations as a placeof settlement by about 50,000 years. At least people have beenknown to live there for about that long. In fact, Afghanistan isthought to be one of the oldest permanent settlement sights known,possibly predating Egypt and Mesopotamia. ( Full Answer )

Who can vote in Afghanistan?

Most people have the ability to vote. Women have recently gained that right, but it is strongly discouraged and some women are threatened for voting

Why does Afghanistan have wars?

Afganistan has wars because of the terrorists and militia that live and plot there. The actual fighting is beetween the British, US, French, Belgium armies etc.

What the history of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, occupying a favored invasion route since antiquity, has been variously known as Ariana or Bactria (in ancient times) and Khorasan (in the Middle Ages). Foreign empires alternated rule with local emirs and kings until the 18th century, when a unified kingdom was established. In 1973, a m ( Full Answer )

Is Afghanistan in the tropics?

No. Afghanistan is in central Asia, located between 30~37 degrees north. "Tropics" means between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (About 23.5 degrees) Afghanistan is right in subtropics.

Where did you fight Afghanistan?

I was in Afghanistan two time. First time it was in year 2007 and I serving in Sharana base. Second time I was there in year 2010 and I serving in Warrior base. Both place are in Paktika province. First mission was difference than mission in year 2010. Second time was a lot of ambush and mine-specia ( Full Answer )

Why war is in Afghanistan?

the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers in USA were traced back to the Al-qaeda. So we responded by sending a military force there to eliminate the leader and the group but have failed miserably..... More than 19 men waiting for trial.

Does Afghanistan have electricity?

No, it gains its only electricity power from burning American flags which is renewable energy they have pledged to make under the Geneva convention to make two flags for every one burnt. Making it the most renewable energy source in the modern world.

Is Afghanistan americanized?

Answer 1 yes, heavily... that's america's aim.. to take their culture, language and identity away from them, the same way that the did with the red indians in america. they are their to kill destroy and americanize Answer 2 No. Afghanistan has a very tribal culture with poor centralization, i ( Full Answer )

Why are we at war with Afghanistan?

Regime change policy. Overambitious planning. Eventual securing of vast resources under a pro-American government (prevents other players from getting better deals on such resources--like China). It has little to do with combating terrorism--which we've seen has been proving very ineffective and ( Full Answer )

Why did Afghanistan have the war?

because every powerfull country have try to invade Afghanistan and make it there own land but they failed like British in WORLD WAR |, Russians in 1979-1989 and now Americans but they all failed and Americans are trying to get out of it

What is Afghanistan boarded by?

It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east, Tajikistan in the north east, Uzbekistan in the north,Turkmenistan in the northwest and Iran in the west

Is Afghanistan Arab?

There are numerous ethnicities present in Afghanistan, including Persians, Pashto, Dari, Uzbek, Turkmen, Sindhi, and Kyrgyz among others. None of these groups nor any that I am aware of speak Arabic or consider themselves to be Arab. Arabs conversely do not consider Aghanistan to be an Arab country. ( Full Answer )

Why are America in Afghanistan?

They are ignorant bigheaded dickheads, gone to Afghanistan ONLY to STEAL the drugs and the oil and minerals.

Is Afghanistan a LDC?

no becuase afghanistan is a weatlhy country to those who are rich and live there

Are there cars in Afghanistan?

Yes, but as the country has almost no paved roads outside the majorcities their use is limited, 4WD trucks are used on the unpaved roads between towns.

Was Afghanistan communist?

Afghanistan was for a while ruled by a Communist Government whenthe Communist People's Democratic Party seized power in 1978during the Saur Revolution. Almost immediately, theCommunist take-over resulted in civil war. Without Russia'smilitary intervention and backing until 1989, the Communists w ( Full Answer )