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What is Alaskas main resource?

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alaskas main resources are meat, fish and oil some people work to rub oil off the rocks in Alaska

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What is alaskas main natural resource?

ur mom The real answer is gold, oil, and fur. i think.

What is Alaskas main religion?

Christianity is Alaska's main religion.

What is Alaskas most important natural resource today?

Oil and freash water

What are Alaskas main resources?


What is the name of Alaska main mountain?

Alaskas main mountain is Mount McKinley

What are Alaskas main industries?

Oil production and Fish and seafood.

What is Alaskas Initial?

Alaskas initials are AK

What is Alaskas main crop?

Alaska doesn't really have a main crop. The land here is rocky. However, they do have a lot of gold there.

What is maryland's main natural resource?

main resource

What is the main resource of Armenia?

the main resource of Armenia is copper.

What is a main natural resource?

the main natural resource is water.

What is British Columbia's main resource?

Wood is the main resource of BC.

What is the main resource in the Atacama Desert?

Copper is the main resource mined in the Atacama Desert.

What is the main natural resource found in Belarus?

Potash is the main natural resource found in Belarus

Is gold a main resource in South Africa?

Yes, gold is a main resource in South Africa.

What was the main resource of the Native Americans?

One of their main resource was buffalo. They used it for clothing, food, and weapons.

What are Alaskas landforms?

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What is Alaskas abbr?


What is Alaskas favorite food?

alaskas favorite food is meat because you can warm it up by a fire in cold weather.

What is United Kingdom's main resource and where is it found?

It was found in 1989 by the Celts themselves so the main resource is Tourism, Agriculture.

Alaskas state capital?


What is Alaskas biggest city?


What is Alaskas major city?


What is Alaskas flower?

The Willow Ptarmigan.

What is alaskas state flower?

It is the Forget-Me-Not.

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