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Alexander Hamilton

What is Alexander Hamilton's birthday?

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Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755.

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His wifes name was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

to take over the reconstruction act of 1876

He was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Hamiltons case for assumption was to convince Congress that the state debts should be regarded as an obligation, for their support in the war for independance. Hamiltons hopes were that assumption would chain the states tightly to their "federal chariot."

Alexander Hamilton was a member and leader of the Federalist party. Alexander Hamilton was one of the founding fathers of America.

Alaxander Hamilton was the seceratary Of Treasures and he ran for president. That's about it.

"I believe that most people are basically selfish and..."

To deal with the government's financial issues

alexander hamiltons veiw on the bank of the U.S. was that he felt that people needed a place to store their money

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