What is Amelia Earharts brother named?

Updated: 4/7/2020
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Amelia did not have a brother.

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Q: What is Amelia Earharts brother named?
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How old was Amelia earharts brother?

Amelia had no brother.

Where did they fined Amelia Earharts plane?

they never found amelia earharts plane but the goverment is planning a search for her in 2013

What was Amelia earharts first plane named after?

She called her first aircraft 'Canary' as it was small and bright yellow.

What were Amelia earharts strenths?

Amelia was smart, practical and determined.

What was Amelia earharts real name?

Amelia Mary Earhart

Where did they have Amelia earharts memorial?


Is Amelia Earhart's Brother dead?

Amelia doesn't have a brother she had a sister named Muriel

What was Amelia earharts siblings name?

Amelia's young sister was Muriel.

What were Amelia Earharts books called?

Amelia Earhart aviotion pioneer

What were Amelia Earharts names?

Her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

What did Amelia earharts parents do for living?

did Amelia Earhart parents work

Who was the oldest sibbling in Amelia earharts family?

Amelia was the oldest sibling.