What is Amishism?

I seen that term used, referring wrongly, to the belief that Amish are successful at business matters. It is now a gimmick that con artists use to get your money, to say they will teach you Amish work practice, as a way of running your company to get ahead.
Amish for one are suffering in this economy like ever one else, and a great many need government aid to get by, that is why they are diversifying from farming alone to other business.
And for second matter, only Amish in the United States get away with using minors as their main workforce, unless your talking about third world country.
Amish also depend on handouts, they act as large communal community to some degree helping each other over hard times, and they are all ways seeking aid from their English outsider neighbors that say they will repay and never do.
These are not good business practices, nor are they ethical or even legal to the common man. So "Amishism" is a rouge term, to express a false idea that Amish have good business sense, and some fraudulent person is willing to sell you those secrets.