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Q: What is Another word for relish?
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What is another word for enjoy?

Another word for enjoyAdore, relish, love, appreciate, delight in, have fun...

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word 'relish'?

I had to relish my defeat. Do not relish your success.

What is another word for cherish?

treasure, value, prize, relish, esteem, revere.

What is a sentence for the word relish that means appreciation?

He relished his performance and improvement. This is the sentence containing the word relish.

What is another word for enjoyed immensely?

To relish, to adore, to delight in, to revel in, to take pleasure in...

What is the antonym for the word relish?

Dislike and hatred are antonyms for relish.

How word you use the word relish in a sentence?

I added relish to the salad.Hot dogs taste better with relish.I would relish any grade above a C-average.

Can the word relish be used as verb without an object?

Yes, as in I will relish this moment.

How do you use the word Relish in a sentence?

The relish tasted bad. The relish tasted fresh. I had relish last night for dinner. I relished the moments I had last night. I relish their company. I relished eating my hot dog with Branston Relish is nice. I relish eating food in her face

What is the difference between chutney and relish?

"Relish" is a general word; chutney is only a type of relish, also salsa, pickled cucumbers etc.

What word replaces gusto?


What is a sentence for the word relish?

As a noun: My favorite condiment for hot dogs is pickle relish.As a verb: You made my favorite cookies, which I will relish with a glass of milk.

What is a sentence with the word relish in it?

He ordered a hot dog with mustard and relish.I used to relish my vacations.Though I thought I would relish having a son, after the twentieth time he spilled relish on me I wasn't so sure!Relish is considered a condiment.

Relish in a sentence?

He was not shocked, he was in Relish. Relish your freedom people!

Grammatically speaking when do you use relish vs relish in For example do you relish in an evening or do you relish an evening?

To relish one's freedom is to value it highly. To relish IN one's freedom is to be enjoying it intensely.

What is a nine letter word for mustard ketchup onions and relish?


How would you use relish in a sentence?

Susan did not relish the idea of visiting her dentist. My favorite kind of relish is corn relish.

What word means the same as cherish?

treasure, value, prize, appreciate, relish

What is the plural for Relish?

The plural for Relish is Relishes.

Is relish a solid?

relish is usually semi solid.

How would you use the word vigorously in a sentence?

An example of a sentence using the word would be... He attacked the meal vigorously and with relish.

How do you write a sentence using relish?

Here is your burger, with relish.

How do you spell relish?

That is the correct spelling of the noun and verb "relish".

Is pickle relish heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Pikle relish is heterogeneous

The word condiment comes from condire the latin for to pickle what condiment fits the bill best?