What is Apoxy?

Updated: 1/2/2023
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APOXI (Application Programming Object-oriented eXtendable Interface) is an object-oriented application framework for rapid development of Man Machine Interfaces (MMIs) and integration of various applications for mobile communication products. APOXI was designed to meet the special requirements of mobile, embedded devices and provides specific Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs). APOXI was developed by Comneon, a 100% subsidiary of Infineon Technologies. The APOXI Framework

Traditional MMI and Application Deployment for mobile communication devices is a complex process, requiring highly skilled and often scarce expert resources with knowledge of the underlying protocol software. APOXI offers easy to use and comprehensible APIs for MMI and application developers. This new paradigm also emphasises the attractiveness, usability and functionality of the customer's MMI and applications. Aside from being an abstraction to the protocol software, it provides APIs for SIM, NVRAM, Flash, Display, Audio, Video, Real Time Operating Systems and the TCP/UDP family.

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Q: What is Apoxy?
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Best thing to hold outdoor tile with?

The have apoxy thinset, I ve had good results with super full flex by TEC

Can you use wood glue glue to stick plastic items together?

No, try an apoxy, super glue, or zap a gap. N

How do you remove male pipe threads broken off on the inside of a female pipe fitting?

Use a pair of plyers and two small pieces of cork to grab the threaded pipe while you rotate the female fitting. Also, if you don't need the threaded piece anymore, you can use a whole cork inserted into the threaded pipe with a bit of apoxy or super glue.

What paint do you use to paint over a apoxy paint on your bathroom vanity?

They have special epoxy kits to do this! Visit Sherwin Williams or check your local home improvement stores. Usually the kit comes with the base and the activator in two separate pint cans that you will mix together. Don't try anything other than epoxy for porcelain and similar surfaces, because anything else won't work!

How long should ceramic tile grout last?

depends if there is movement in the walls or floor. grouts nowadays have latax additives that allow some movement, apoxy grout will last longer than any but its hard to work with and will cost ya more,(its like speading bubble gum)some come with 10, 15 and lifetime waranties, if mixed wrong it could effect the lifetime of the grout. I tore out a tile floor from the 60's and the grout was fine,the products have only improved since then.

How do you get dark epoxy paint off a light color leather car seat?

My husband got yellow apoxy paint on his orange leather car seats...I tried finger nail polish remover which was working but it was slow I went under my kitchen sink and grabbed a magic eraser and it careful not to push too hard because it is abbrasive and can start to take the color and leather off the seat somewhat but it looks better than yellow paint..good luck

How do you fix the plastic on a 1995 Corsica radiator?

sand the spot to be fixed and used some j b weld apoxy it's sold in walmart in the automotive area.let sit for 2 hours and you are good to go.Improvement done by sickofjunkJB weld is a great idea for a lot of things however getting it to bond to plastic will most likely never happen. That was the first thing i tried on my radiator too but i had no luck with it. To fix plastic on a radiator replace it that is the best way.Or buy a new one that always works out great

Which glue is the strongest?

It depends on which product you are gluing. Some glues will be excellent for one product and no use for another, so it's pointless to ask ' which is best 'without naming what you are gluing. - Having said that, I will say that the strongest wood gluehas been proven in strict tests by "Fine Woodworking " magazine to be Tite Bond lll .

What type of glue do you use to glue wood to granite?

there are a couple of options. you could use an adhesive apoxy, or my favorite, gorilla glue.ANS 2 - I've used Liquid Nails, 100% silicon and Ren-Weld Epoxy to glue metals to granite and other stone surfaces. All work well.

How do you change a 1993 festiva heater core no AC I Cant get housing loose under dash or even see how I would?

once you get behind the glove box and can see the heater core, get a screw driver, wedge, and break. I'm serious, its the same way with VWs. they use an apoxy to keep the core from rattling. just make sure you don't go overboard and break everything around the core. Rubbish this will do nothing but damage!! The correct procedure is 1.Remove the rear section of the centre console covering the park brake lever 2. Remove passengers seat. 3. Remove glovebox 4.Remove centre console. 4.Disconncect heaterbox control cables. 5.Remove heater controls panel 6.Remove steering wheel. 7. Remove instrument facia panel 8.Remove instrument cluster 9.Remove dash end panels left & right side. 10. Remove screw cover in the center of the dash next to the windscreen 11. Remove two securing bolts at each end of the dash inside the access covers, remove screw at center dash area. 12. disconnect round air distribution tubes at each side. 13. unclip wiring from dash where required. 14. pull complete dash away from windscreen at towards rear of car. 15. disconnect remaining electrical connectors as space permits. 16. disconnect heater hoses from in the engine bay 17. Unbolt heater box from firewall manouver a/c box off studs if required. 18. remove heater box from car 19. remove four screws holding heater core in to the heaterbox. 2. remove old heater core and replace with new unit. Revesre the order and the car will be back together all fixed with no damage.

How do you make air dry clay?

Things You'll Need· 3 cups water· 2 cups cornstarch· 4 cups baking soda· Varnish (acrylic)· This can be halved if it's too much for you to use.Show (2) MoreInstructions1.o 1Put cornstarch and baking soda into a large saucepan. Stir to mix it up.o 2Stir constantly while adding a little water at a time. It will be very smooth and thin to start.o Sponsored Links§ Desiccant DehydrationNo Emissions. No Moving Parts. Dehy wih Gas Dry Desiccants.www.vangastech.como 3When it thickens to the point where you can't stir it, it's done. Put the dough on a cookie sheet. Cover it with a paper towel so that it doesn't dry out. You can also use a dish towel that's been wet and wrung out.o 4Put the whole pan full of dough on a good sized cookie sheet. After it cools down, knead the clay until it feels nice and smooth to the touch.o 5Roll the dough out and you can cut it with an Exacto knife or cookie cutters. You can also shape things with your hands or squeeze it through a cookie cutter bag. This clay makes lots of neat things - including great Christmas ornaments.o 6After you design your objects, let them air dry. The drying time will vary depending on the thickness of the item. Most things will be dry in about one day. You can put it into the oven at 350 degrees if you want to hasten the process with thick pieces, but it will air dry fully if you are patient.o 7Clay will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Seal it in a zipper type plastic bag, pressing most of the air out of it before you seal it.Sponsored Links· 100's of Suncatcherswww.joanbaker.comHand Painted. Assort of shapes & styles sure to delight. Joan Baker· Freeze Drying training courses from Industry-experienced practitioners· Amazing 2-part Apoxy Claywww.SculptingStudio.comDesigned for Sculpting. Great for Dolls, Action Figures, Original Art· Clay illustrationwww.elgarabatofeliz.comGreat for advertising, magazines, Catalogues, Books.Also animated!Tips & Warnings· Clay can be tinted with food coloring or with natural food coloring dyes (see articles on making dyes from vegetables here on eHow).· The clay will harden too much to use if you leave it in the fridge or on the counter top too long before you use it.