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Baal Shem Tov was born on August 27, 1698.

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Q: What is Baal Shem Tov's birthday?
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When was Baal Shem of London born?

Baal Shem of London was born in 1708.

When did Baal Shem of London die?

Baal Shem of London died on 1782-04-17.

When did Baal Shem Tov die?

Baal Shem Tov died on 1760-05-22.

Who was the Baal Shem Tov?

The Baal Shem Tov was the founder of a Jewish sect called the Chassidim. They are a very Orthodox group, and the Baal was revered by his followers for being wise and compassionate and also for teaching that worship and prayer should be joyful. For a wonderful and moving glimpse into the world of the Chassidim, I recommend the novel 'THE CHOSEN' by Chaim Potok :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Was rabbi nachman of breslov the grandson of the baal Shem Tov?


Did Baal Shem Tov convert to Islam?

B"H Let me ask you a question, is the sky red? The answer is no. So no he did not convert to Islam. He's the holly Reb Yisroel Baal Shem, why would he convert? I don't think we would be studying his Chassidus if he converted to any religion and I don't think the Magid of Mezeritch would promote his Chassidus as well. Therefore the Baal Shem Tov definitely did not convert. FYI the Alter Rebbe is a great Tzaddik! Moshiach now!!

What has the author Ernest xzo Bloch written?

Ernest xzo Bloch has written: 'Baal Shem Suite, etc'

What god was baalim?

The word "baalim" is plural. The baal was a Middle-Eastern pagan deity with local variations (baal, baal-peor, baal zebub, baal beq, baal berith, baal me'on, baal gad, baal hermon, baal peratzim, etc.). It was worshiped by idolaters as a deity of weather and fertility.

When did Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov die?

Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov died in 1440.

When was Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov born?

Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov was born in 1390.

What is the Hebrew meaning of Mephebosheth's new name Merib-Baal?

Merib-baal Means "Contender with Baal"

When was Baal-Eser I born?

Baal-Eser I was born in -973.