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red and pink and black and white

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Barack Obama's favorite sandwich?

Obamas favorite sandwich is Peanut butter and Jelly

What is barack obamas favorite movie?

During an interview with Katie Couric, Barack Obama stated his favorite movies were The Godfather One and Two. His favorite television shows are Mash and The Wire.

Favorite color of Barack Obama?

Barack Obama's favourite color is Black

What is Barack Obamas height?

barack obama is 6foot 1

What is Barack Obama's first name?

Barack Obamas first name is Barack but his nickname is Barry.Barack

What was barack obamas birth name?

Barack Hussein Obama II

What was Barack Obamas favorite thing to do when he was a kid?

He loved sports (especially basketball), and he also enjoyed spending time with his friends.

What is Barack Obamas email?


What is Barack Obama's favorite colour?

President Obama's favorite color is green and he also likes the color blue.

What is Barack Obamas fathers name?

Hussein Onyango Obama and baRACK OBAMA SR.

Where was Barack Obama's political office?

Barack Obamas political office was in the white house

What is Barack Obamas education?

His education is a good Man

What was Barack Obama's ocupation after finishing college?

Barack Obamas ocupation after finishing college was a attorney

Who is Barack Obamas dad?

who cares after all he did leave when he was young and only saw barack once

What was Barack Obamas education?

barack obama went to harvard law school and columbia uuniversty

Barack obamas job occupatiom?

Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He is a lawyer by profession.

What nationality is Barack obamas mother?

American and his dad was Kenyan

What is barack Obamas mothers race?

She is white (cacausian) American.

How many dogs has Barack Obama?

The Obamas have one dog.

How old is barack obamas dad?

He was 46 when he died in 1982.

What is Barack Obamas district number?

As the sitting President, he has no district.

Where did Barack Obama live in Illinois?

Barack Obama's home is in Chicago.http://www.chicagotraveler.com/barack-obamas-house

Is Barack Obamas real name barry soetoro?

No- Barack Obama is his real name- he was named after his father.

Where is Barack Obama home?

The Obamas own a home in Chicago, Illinois.

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