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What Is Battle Balm?

Battle Balm is a class of topical analgesic that is used for pain relief. It is an externally applied formula that utilizes empirically and clinically proven herbs from traditional Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine.

What is the History of Battle Balm?

The Battle Balm company was started in 2013 by a former electrical engineer turned acupuncturist and herbalist, Dylan Jawahir. Realizing a niche market for safer, healthier topical analgesics that provided pain relief while simultaneously nourishing and protecting the skin, Battle Balm was born.

What is in Battle Balm that makes it different?

Battle Balm is a blend of 20 plant ingredients with over 95% of the formula (by weight) being USDA certified organic. The more well-known pain relieving ingredients listed are menthol, camphor, cajeput, arnica, and wintergreen oil. These ingredients are common to many topical analgesics on the market today. The base of Battle Balm is 100% USDA certified beeswax and 100% USDA certified jojoba oil.

Are there different varieties of Battle Balm?

Battle Balm comes in three forms, or strengths. The first of which is Original Strength with 9% Menthol, 7% Wintergreen oil, 5% Camphor, 5% Cajeput. The second is Extra Strength with 12% Menthol, 9% Wintergreen oil, 7% Camphor, 5% Cajeput. The strongest form is Demon Strength with 16% Menthol, 15% Wintergreen oil, 11% Camphor, 7% Cajeput.

What are the uses of Battle Balm?

Battle Balm is categorized as a topical analgesic used to treat acute and chronic pain such as: Arthritis, joint pain, swelling, edema, neuropathic pain, muscle strains, spasms, tendonitis, and lumbago. The formula contains 20 ingredients, some of which have multiple uses other than for pain relief. Battle Balm lists other uses on their website, such as for alleviating sinus congestion due to the ingredients menthol and camphor. Another use listed for Battle Balm is as a treatment for minor toenail fungus and athlete's foot. Independent lab testing showed Battle Balm to be effective in killing common bacteria and fungus affecting human skin. The company website also provides a list of 20 alternative uses for Battle Balm on top of its pain relieving benefits.

How does Battle Balm compare to Tiger Balm?

Battle Balm is in the same main category of pain relief as Tiger Balm. Whereas Tiger Balm uses mineral oil and paraffin as a base, Battle Balm uses natural and organic plant-derived beeswax and jojoba oil. Both products use menthol and camphor to treat pain. Tiger Balm is more well known in the pain relief circles due to its history of use and its widespread distribution. Battle Balm is a great alternative for those that either have sensitivity to petroleum based products, support organic and natural alternatives, and/or are interested in eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainability.

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Q: What is Battle Balm and how does it compare to Tiger Balm?
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