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Q: What is Brasil's climograph?
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What are 2 things a climograph measure?

the climograph measures precipitaion and temperature :P

Do you have a climograph of the area that the bilby lives?


Climograph for Hurricane Katrina?

Use ur head

What two features does a climograph show?

A climograph is basically a graphically representation of basic climatic parameters. Which is monthly average temperature and precipitation. The bars represent the rainfall, whilst the lines represent the temperature. By the way, normally, in a climograph they will show you the biome and the location. Hope this helps.

What two kinds of informtion are shown in a climograph?

The two kinds of information are shown by Climograph are the average temperature and average precipitation of a particular pace over a period of time.

What two kinds of information are shown in a climograph?

temperature and precipitation

What graph is used to show the averageprecipitationon a climograph?

a line graph

What is a climagraph?

It is actually spelled climograph. A climograph is a graphical depiction of the monthly precipitation and temperature conditions for a selected place. Precipitation is shown by the bar graph. A line graph depicts temperature.

What is brasils name in french?

Brazil is called 'le Brésil' in French.

What do you use climographs for?

you use a climograph find out your average monthly tempature

Do you have a climograph of Pennsylvania?

no i dont. you gots a problem. well, you can deal and get it somewhere else!

What two graphs combine to make a climograph?

Line and Bar Graph. -Kiddle

What differences you expect to find in two climograph representing coastal and inland locations at the same latitude?

the difference that have is that one side is more hot and the other coold , because the wind is strong and that what cause the climograph. thanks ..

The data used for the climograph of San Diego CA. was collected over how many years?


What is a climograph map?

It is what scientists create to show a particular location's average temperature and precipitation during the year.

Climograph is made up of which 2 types of graphs?

Line graph - temperature Bar graph - precipitation

What did Mesopotamians use to show average temperature?

If this is for a review of Mesopotamia linked to BC Science 7, the answer is a "Climograph".

What type of map is used for road maps and weather maps?

flow map for routes....isopleth,climograph,ergograph for weather...

Where can I find a climograph on the Amazon Rainforest?

Instead of finding a climograph on the amazon rainforest, you can find different climographs in where the amazon rainforest lies. So, just find climographs for :Iquitos, Peru,Manaus, BrazilBelem maddy and randie were hereTry Google searching 'world climographs', click the first one and roll the mouse over the location you want.

Where Can you Find A Climograph On The Sinharaja Rainforest?

there is literally no answer unless you live there so that is basically a pathetic question. I was looking for the answer because i have an assignment for school and that is a question. I am angry it is impossible to answer.

Where can you find a climograph on the Daintree Rainforest?

I Hade the same problem. I did find this. I you. Cairns is in the Tropical Rainforest area. CairnsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecAverage Maximum Temperature313131292726262728293131Average Minimum Temperature242423212018171719212222Average Rainfall mm41643544219194492827363890180Average Ocean Temperature292928272624232324262828

What are graphs showing average temperature and precipitation in a place?

A climograph is a graphical depiction of the monthly precipitation and temperature conditions for a selected place. Precipitation is shown by the bar graph. A line graph depicts temperature.

What are climographs used for?

A climograph is a graph that shows the climate of a place. It shows the precipitation a given place receives during a time period and shows the temperature for the same place during that certain time period.

How do you use a climograph?

The bar's represent precipitaion per month, and the dots (which are connected by a red line) represents tempreture. The y- axis is the MONTHS Jan- dec. There are 2 x-axis's the left is for precipitation and right is for tempretrure.

How do monthly temperatures on a climograph allow you to determine whether an area is in the northern or southern hemisphere?

By the months in which the highest and lowest temperatures occur. Northern hottest in June and coldest in December, while in Southern coldest in June and hottest in December.