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Please be more specific.

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When was Dirk Caspers born?

Dirk Caspers was born on 1980-05-31.

What has the author Rolf Caspers written?

Rolf Caspers has written: 'Zahlungsbilanz und Wechselkurse'

What has the author Norbert Caspers written?

Norbert Caspers has written: 'Das Hohe Venn'

When was Ralph Caspers born?

Ralph Caspers was born on January 18, 1972, in Borneo.

What is Marion Caspers-Merk's birthday?

Marion Caspers-Merk was born on April 24, 1955.

When was Marion Caspers-Merk born?

Marion Caspers-Merk was born on April 24, 1955.

How old is Marion Caspers-Merk?

Marion Caspers-Merk is 56 years old (birthdate: April 24, 1955).

What is casper the ghosts surname?

In the movie there is a box containing Caspers toys which Kat blows the dust off. Where the dust comes off are the letters "C.McFadden", so Casper McFadden is his full name :)

What has the author Nona Caspers written?

Nona Caspers has written: 'Heavier Than Air' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Fiction

What are all the names of Caspers ghosts?

Casper. Fatso. Stinky. Stretch

What has the author J H Caspers written?

J. H. Caspers has written: 'In contact met het werk van moderne schrijvers' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Dutch Authors, Dutch literature, History and criticism

Is caspers mansion real?

Unfortunately, no. As beautiful as the mansion was in the movie, it is entirely a movie set.

Is putting your index finger under your Tech Deck cheating?

It depends if your goin Rodney Mullen and doin caspers.

What actors and actresses appeared in QuasselCaspers - 1999?

The cast of QuasselCaspers - 1999 includes: Ralph Caspers as Himself - Host

What is the greatest surname?

Any person's own surname is the greatest surname.

What is a sentence for surname?

She chose not to take his surname when she got married.What is your surname, madam?

What is meaning of the Lithuanian surname Plesniewicz?

Actually, this is not the Lithuanian surname. It is Polish surname :)

What is coolest surname?

The very coolest surname is any person's own surname.

What is the origin of the surname 'Goodenough'?

This interesting surname Goodenough is an English surname.

Where did the surname Hayward originate?

From a surname website: The surname Hayward is of English origin.

What nationality is the surname Evans?

From a surname website: The surname Evans is of Welsh origin.

What names rhyme with Amber?

Schamber (surname) Kamber (surname) Gamber (surname)

Is khairnar a marathi brahmin surname?

No, Khairnar is not Brahmin Surname. It is Marathi Surname.

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