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condoms are given to each family once a week

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Q: What is China's one child policy impact?
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When did Chinas one child policy start?

China's One Child Policy started in 1978.

When was china's one child policy introduced?

Chinas one child policy came into affect in the year 1979.

What are punishments for breaking chinas one child policy?

usually a high fine

What didn't people like about China's one child policy?

People didn't like chinas one child policy because their child got lonley

What are the positive effects of chinas one child policy?

Less populationLess overcrowdednessLess pollutionLess competition

Are their any other countries that use the one child policy apart from china?

chinese history,chinas one_child policy

What will the social impact of the one child policy be?

The only child will have no siblings.

What are the negative effects of chinas one child policy?

i dont know, but i need to know for my geography project :( many babys, especialy girls, were killed because of the policy, as boys were more important than girls

What prompt china's government to enact the one child policy?

In the 1970's when they hit a population of one billion they knew that they had to do something to curb population growth, so they enacted the policy of one child per family. ----------- To curb overpopulation. Chinas economy and natural resources would not be able to keep otherwise.

Who introduced the one child policy?

The government introduced the one child policy

Where does one child policy happen?

The 'One child' policy is related to China.

What is the conclusion to the one child policy?

10 child policy

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