What is Chummy in America?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Chummy means friendly; as far as I know the word means the same thing in America as it does in Britain.

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Q: What is Chummy in America?
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What part of speech is the word chummy?

Chummy is an adjective.

When did Chummy Fleming die?

Chummy Fleming died in 1950.

When was Chummy Fleming born?

Chummy Fleming was born in 1863.

What is the plural of chummy?

The word chummy is an adjective, so it has no plural.

When was Chummy Broomhall born?

Chummy Broomhall was born in 1919.

When was Chummy Gray born?

Chummy Gray was born on 1873-07-17.

When did Chummy Gray die?

Chummy Gray died on 1913-08-14.

What is a chummy?

chummy means friendly, intimate or sociable.AnswerChummy means someone who acts as a pal (friend): The salesman was chummy to the clients, people always loved to buy from him.

Who was Chalmers Chummy MacGregor with Glenn Miller?

Chummy MacGregor was the pianist with the civilian band.

What is the birth name of Chummy MacGregor?

Chummy MacGregor's birth name is Chalmers MacGregor.

When was Chummy MacGregor born?

Chummy MacGregor was born on March 28, 1903, in Saginaw, Michigan, USA.

What is a chummy fruit?

A chummy fruit is a type of small melon grown in Korea. It is directly related to the honeydew melon.