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No. Congress is ruining America.

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Q: Are minorities ruining America
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What is the number 1 thing that powers America?

religious minorities on exercise bikes

What is a sentence for ruining?

You are ruining everything!The rain was ruining her hair.

Why were the native America Indians in conflict with the colonist?

We were taking up a lot of land and ruining their cultures, suppressing them and invading.

What does unguarded gates mean by thomas Aldrich?

It is about America and how it is like heaven. Then it moves on to how immigrants are ruining the splendor of it all.

What will you lose if you put your old Xbox hard drive into an elite console?

everything you idiot, its people like you that are ruining america

What is expected to happen in America by 2023?

By 2023, minorities will constitute the greatest number of children under 18.

What is a sentence for religious toleration?

Its religous toleration was a major factor in making America attractive to persecuted religious minorities.

What foods were popular in America in 1947?

minorities, (Blacks, chinese and those dam Mongorians

What social problems did America face in the 1950's?

distribution of wealth role of women need to conform treatment of minorities

Why catholism is a minority religion in north America?

One reason might be that many minorities left Europe, to flee from religious oppression.

What is the plural of minority?

The plural of "minority" is "minorities."

What are racial and ethnic minorities?

Racial and ethnic minorities are groups of people who are marginalized or underrepresented in society based on their race or ethnicity. This can include individuals who are not part of the dominant racial or ethnic group in a particular country or region. Minorities often face discrimination or systemic barriers to full participation in social, economic, and political life.