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What is Column on a orchid?

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a stamen and pistil fused together on the orchid.

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What is orchid fruit?

Orchid fruit is the seed pod created by an orchid

Is an orchid a producer?

An orchid is a producer.

What is the Swahili word for orchid?


What is a epiphyte orchid?

a tropical orchid

Is Macintosh an orchid?

There is no macintosh orchid.

What family is the orchid from?

The orchid is from the Orchidaceae family.

Is veronica an orchid?

Veronica or speedwell is not an orchid.

What is the world's rarest orchid?

ghost orchid

What is the predator to an orchid?

An orchid is a FLOWER. It has no predators.

Where do you buy orchid fertilizer?

From the orchid fertilizer shop

What does orchid do for tree?

nothing. really, its what the tree does for the orchid.

How do you spell orchid in french?

Orchid is spelt "orchidée"

Is the word orchid capitalized?

No, orchid is a common noun.

What is the smell of orchid?

Erm... an orchid?! Sorry, no idea.

What does orchid mean in English?

Orchid means Orchid in English. It is a variety of tropical flower. The spanish name is Orquidia

What moshling likes pink orchrid?

You could get DJ quack any dragon fruit any moon orchid & any star blossom, peppy any moon orchid yellow magic beans & red moon orchid, blurp any moon orchid any love berries & pink love berries, dipsy any moon orchid any love berries & yellow moon orchid, Doris any moon orchid any moon orchid & black moon orchid.

What is the symbolic meaning of an orchid?

The orchid signifies elegance and style.

What does an orchid look like?

what does a zen orchid look like

How would you use the word orchid in a sentence?

i am a orchid of a family

Where is orchid fertilizer shop?

In Australia The Orchid Tray Company

What are the characteristics of an orchid?

An orchid has all the characteristics of a living thing.

What is the scientific name for the vanilla-orchid?

Vanilla planifola

Species of rock orchid?

There are 8 species of the rock orchid.

Who is the owner of orchid hotel?

Vithal Kamat is the The Orchid Owner

What is 'orchid' when translated from English to Italian?