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What is Db2?

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DB2 is a family of relational database management system (RDBMS) products from IBM that serve a number of different operating system platforms. According to IBM, DB2 leads in terms of database market share and performance. Although DB2 products are offered for UNIX-based systems and personal computer operating systems, DB2 trails Oracle's database products in UNIX-based systems and Microsoft's Access in Windows systems.

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How do you connect the rad and db2?

how to connect the rad to db2

What company owns DB2?

The DB2 is owned by Aston Martin.

Can we use IBM dB2 in PCs?

Yes, DB2 install is available for PCs (Windows)

How db2 is used for Internet?

The db2 is used for internet both as an internet access and an intranet access.The db2 is used for internet because it provides both the internet and intranet access.

Difference between user and schema for DB2?

In DB2 Schema is not a user, its is just a space to store database objects,

Which is the lowest cost db2 product that can be legally installed on an hp ux server?

DB2 enterprise server edition

What is the main difference between IBM db2 and Oracle?

The main difference between db2 and oracle is the fact that db2 is owned by IBM corporation and oracle is owned by Oracle Corporation. Both db2 and oracle are extremely powerful RDBMS systems which offer a wide variety of featues to its users. 1.DB2 is an RDBMS from IBM while Oracle is an RDBMS from the company of the same name 2.IBM offers DB2 packaged along with its iSeries hardware and operating system while Oracle is sold as an independent software 3.Most people usually regard to Oracle as superior due to many shortcomings of DB2 4.Oracle directly supports a Java application server where you can deploy Java servlets while with DB2 you would need to employ a Java translator like Tomcat

What has the author Jonathan S Sayles written?

Jonathan S. Sayles has written: 'Embedded SQL for DB2' 'SQL for DB2 and SQL/DS Application Developers'

What is the maximum size of varchar in db2?

32767 bytes

If db2 is down is it possible to compile a program in mainframe?


Which database programming languages are supported by DB2?


Select the odd one out a sql b db2 c sybase d http?

Ans: d SQL, DB2, SYBASE are the database systems. HTTP is Interner protocol(TCP).

What are the chords for Precious is the Blood by Joe Pace?

Gb/Ab Gb/Ab Gb/Ab Db Bbm2 GbMaj7 Gb/Ab Db Bbm2 GbMaj7 Gb/Ab Gbdim7 Db2/F GbMaj7 Db2/F GbMaj7 Bbm7 Eb9 Ebm7/Ab Db2 (transpose to the key you want)

Any examples for rdbms?

Oracle, Db2, SQL Server etc

What are the 5 different types of databases?

sql db2 oracle mysql

What are the different types of databases available?

sql db2 oracle mysql

Is IBM DB2 run in windows?

No if you attempt this your father will spontaniously combust

How do you connect db2 and mysql?

Take a shot at adoDB - find it here:

Different database used in market today?

Db2 my sql oracle postgres

What car does Tippi Hedron drive in The Birds?

1954 Aston Martin DB2/4

What kind of car was tiPPI hedren driving in the movie the birds?

Aston Martin DB2

Example of DBMS used in web based application?

SQL server oracle DB2 MYSQL

Select the odd one out a Oracle b Linux c Ingress d DB2?


What car did Tippi Hedren drive in The Birds?

1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk I

What are the names of DBMS software?

sql server, ms acess, my sql, foxpro,ibm db2 etc