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What is Death Note?

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Death Note is a anime/manga about how a Shinigami (god of death)

gave a seemingly random human the power to hand out capital

punishment to any other human whose name and face is known to them.

Supposedly, the Shinigami did this out of boredom and to toy with

the humans.

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Ryuk, a Shinigami, got his hands on two Death Notes and randomly

placed one on Earth in hopes that a human would find it. Death

Notes are notebooks that allow the owner of the Note to kill a

human whose name and face is known to the owner in two ways:

specifically (which leads to experimentation) and generally with a

heart attack. Shinigami use them in their routine killing of


Light Yagami, the human who found Ryuk's notebook, is an

unusually smart high school senior living in the Kanto region of

Japan. Almost immediately after finding the Note, he began to

consider himself superior to other humans and often referred to

himself as a god. He goes about dealing "justice" by killing

hundreds of convicted criminals with the Death Note.

The police catch on that there must be someone manning the

killings, calling this murderer "Kira", which is derived from the

Japanese pronunciation of the English word "killer". In addition,

the cops have the enigmatic detective "L" to help them and through

his brilliance, they are able to trick Light into revealing that he

is int he Kanto region of Japan.

Thenceforth, the battle between Kira and L commences. L must

find Kira and bring him to justice and Kira must find L and kill


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