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Demeter was the Greek goddess of crops. She is the mother of Persephone and one of the major Greek gods.

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Q: What is Demeter famous for?
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What was Demeter famous for?

she is the goddess of harvest

Does Demeter have any famous children?

Yes, Demeter has a famous child. Her name is Persephone, the goddess of spring and queen of the Underworld.

How did Demeter become famous?

because of the story

What was Demeter most famous for?

Demeter is also the goddess of harvest and architecture. She also is famous for her myth about how her daughter, Persephone, went into the underworld and married Hades.

How many daughters did Demeter have?

Demeter had two daughters, the most famous of which was Persephone. The other was calle Despoina.

Was Demeter a male or female?

Demeter was a female Greek deity. Demeter was the famous mother of Persephone, who in Greek mythology was Queen of the Underworld and goddess of spring.

Who is a famous female like the goddess Demeter?

Aphrodite was another famous goddess. There were many.

Demeter was the goddess of?

Demeter is the goddess of fertility, and grain

Who was the Demeter popular with?

The Eleusinian Mysteries (the cult of Demeter and Persephone) were the most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece.

What is Demeter's famous line?

Take care of you plans for you to have harvest

What was the Greek goddess Demeter most famous for?

Demeter, [Ceres for the Romans] goddess of grain and fertility was famous for the abduction of her daughter Persephone and the Eleusinian Mysteries.She also almost married her brother, Zeus. Demeter is the Greek goddess of harvest, and her Roman name is Ceres.

Does Demeter have a daughter?

Demeter's most famous daughter is Persephone whom she had with Zeus. Demeter has other daughters, Despoine whose father is Poseidon and Chrysothemis who is the daughter of Karmano. Artemis is also called a daughter of Demeter and associated with Despoine.

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