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Eddie Bauer is a famous entrepreneur. Eddie Bauer is the founder of the company Eddie Bauer Holdings, which operates the Eddie Bauer clothing chain and retail lines.

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Q: What is Eddie Bauer well known for?
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What suit brands does Eddie Bauer carry?

Eddie Bauer carries their own suit brand, as well as Izod, Burberry and others.

What is Eddie Bauer's population?

Eddie Bauer's population is 10,000.

When was Eddie Bauer created?

Eddie Bauer was created in 1920.

What is the population of Eddie Bauer?

The population of Eddie Bauer is 2,007.

Where can someone buy an Eddie Bauer bassinet?

"Eddie Bauer stores sell a wide variety of goods. The Eddie Bauer bassinet is available online through many vendors, such as Amazon, as well as in brick and mortar stores nationwide."

Who established the Eddie Bauer company?

The Eddie Bauer company was founded by a real person named Eddie Bauer, who opened the first Eddie Bauer's Sport Shop in Seattle, Washington, in 1920.

Is Eddie Bauer kids clothing available for babies?

Eddie Bauer has a few jackets and hats for babies, but they are better known for their baby accessories. Take a look at their baby strollers, cribs and high chairs with the Eddie Bauer Logo. Good luck with your search!

How do you assemble an Eddie Bauer pack and play?

how do you assemble an Eddie Bauer pack and play

What is an Eddie Bauer Explorer?

The Eddie Bauer is one trim level above the XLT Explorer

Where can one purchase Eddie Bauer boots?

Eddie Bauer boots can be purchased from Eddie Bauer directly at their official website. These boots are also available in stores such as eBay and Kohl's.

Did Eddie Bauer have a son?

yes he did. his name is Eddie C Bauer and I have met him and had him personally sign my 1996 eddie bauer bronco. he lives in the seattle area and is in his late 70's

Ticker symbol for Eddie Bauer?

EBHI is the ticker symbol for Eddie Bauer. This ticker symbol is used by the Nasdaq stock exchange and is used when buying, and selling stock in Eddie Bauer.

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