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What is Egypt National Day?

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the national day of Egypt.

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What is the national dress of Egypt?

The national dress of Egypt for men is called the galabiyah. It is a long robe that has white and blue stripes. It is worn as an ordinary day clothes by a lot of people.

National animal of Egypt?

The national animal of Egypt is the steppe eagle.

What is the national bird of Egypt?

The national bird of Egypt is the Steppe Eagle

When was National Bank of Egypt created?

National Bank of Egypt was created in 1898.

When does Egypt celebrate any special holidays?

may day that is ==== 1+36+589+01254+986= 2866 are the national holidays celbrated by egypt

What is the national flower of Egypt?

lotus is the national flower of Egyptlotus(water lily)

What is the national fruit of Egypt?

There is no national fruit

What is the National animal of Egypt?

It is the Steppe Eagle.It is the cat.The national animal of Egypt is the steppe eagle.

Where is the hr of National Bank of Greece in Egypt?

What are the Contacts of the Chairman of the National Bank of Greece in Egypt

When was National Cancer Institute Egypt created?

National Cancer Institute Egypt was created in 1969.

Ox is the national symbol of which country?

The Ox was the national symbol of ancient Egypt

Who is a national folk hero of Egypt?

the national herouse in ancien egypt are the one that are more pouplar in that country.

What is Egypt Police day in Egypt?

It' a day celebrating the police force of Egypt, as a short definition.

What are Egypt's national holidays?

January 7: Christmas (Coptic Orthodox)January 25: Egypt Police DayApril 25: Sinai Liberation DayMay 1: Labour DayJuly 23: Revolution DayOctober 6: Armed Forces Day1 Shawwal: Eid al-Fitr10 Dhul Hijjah: Eid al-AdhaNational Police day is one of the holidays celebrated in Egypt. It takes place in January. Sanai Liberation day is another holiday in Egypt. Some other holidays celebrated in Egypt include Revolution Day, the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, and Eid al-Fitr.

Was hathor a local or national god?

Hathor was a national god because she was worshipped in lower Egypt and upper Egypt.

How long is a school day in Egypt?

how long is a school day in Egypt

What is the currency used in Egypt?

The national currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound

What is the national slogan of Egypt?

Long Live The Arab Republic of Egypt.

What is the national dish of Egypt?

The national dish of Egypt is considered to be Koshari by most people. This is a mixture of macaroni, rice and lentils.

When was National Conciliation Party - Egypt - created?

National Conciliation Party - Egypt - was created in 2000-04.

What is the capital of present day Egypt?

Cairo is the capital of present day Egypt

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