What is Exchange Process of marketing?

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should envolves one party offering somethimg value (service,money.ideas.places and even persons) to another party voluntarily offeres something value in return. the essence (heart) of marketing is the exchange process among parties.
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What are the stock exchange markets in the US?

There are many markets in the US as in any other country.. But the most famous ones are the following :. The NYSE - New York Stock Exchange and. The NASDAQ - Largest electronic stock market in the US.

What are the similarities of stock exchange market and a local market?

They are the same thing... markets. When you go to your local market you could buy practically anything there... whereas on stock market, as name suggests, you buy and sell investment products or stocks. One major difference though, as local markets have lots of seller and buyer just browse arou ( Full Answer )

What is jobber in stock exchange market?

Answer . a jobber's job is to buy or sell equity shares or commodity products for his clients with a great speed keeping tract with international market & also keeping an eye on domestic too.jobbers are responsible for the volume in an exchange.

What are the similarities and differences of stock exchange market and a local market?

Answer . This question have some areas of Finance and Economics in it. I feel that there can be many answer to this question , depending on what perspectives you choose. In it's raw meaning, a market can mean a place where buyers and sellers meet face to face to engage in a transaction to purchas ( Full Answer )

Foreign exchange market?

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized market forthe trading of currencies. The main participants in this market arethe larger international banks.

Who is a broker in a stock exchange market?

In simple terms Broker is any person who acts as a middleman between investor and stock exchange ( a place where buying and selling of stocks take place). Answer In lay man terms a broker can be referred as an intermediary or a middleman with whom rests the responsibility of investing the clien ( Full Answer )

What is an agricultural commodities exchange market?

Commodities are traded in futures markets in the US. These are companies that provide a platform for the buying and selling of promises to take or make delivery of a commodity in the future at a specified price. The contracts are fungible so that after buying (promise to take delivery) one can cance ( Full Answer )

Who are the participants in the market foreign exchange market?

The participant in the Forex market are: Central banks (such as the bank of England and the Federal Reserve) , private hedge funds, governments, and then you have the speculators and individual traders. The best part of the Forex market is that the individual trader gets pretty much the same oppo ( Full Answer )

What is the process of gas exchange in plants?

The process of gas exchange in plants is known as photosynthesis.Animals let out carbon dioxide that the plants convert to oxygen. Gaseous Exchange in Plants In the plants the gaseous exchange occurs through surface of leaves. Special apparatus called as stomata are present on the surface on the ( Full Answer )

What is the process of gas exchange?

The process of gas exchange in the lungs is very efficient. The air that you inhale usually contains 21 percent oxygen and 0.04 percent carbon dioxide.

What are the characteristics of foreign exchange market?

The foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex or FX market is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world. The Forex market average daily turnover is more than 4 trillion US dollars. The Forex market is also the only financial market that operates 24/5. Forex traders can ear ( Full Answer )

What is a foreign exchange market?

The Foreign Exchange Market is an amalgamation of global currency trading. It allows international trading in currency by determining the relative values of different currencies. The foreign exchange market ( forex , FX , or currency market ) is a form of exchange for the global decentralized t ( Full Answer )

What are the implications of foreign exchange in marketing?

Pricing your products is one of the most important aspects of marketing. As such, fluctuations in foreign exchange could play a large role in your product pricing. For example, your product costs $50 USD to produce and sells for $100 in the US market. Exporting to England will cost your tariffs AND ( Full Answer )

Define Marketing and marketing process?

Marketing process: Under the marketing concept, the firm must find a way to discover unfulfilled customer needs and bring to market products that satisfy those needs. The process of doing so can be modeled in a sequence of steps: the situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is f ( Full Answer )

What is foreign exchange market distortion?

A distortion is measured by comparing the product of theexchange rates from both sides of a mathematically balancedcurrency pair hedge. A distortion is potentially exploitable if itsmagnitude exceeds the sum of the spread of all pairs that would betraded in an effort to exploit the distortion.

What is Marketing And Discuss the marketing process?

Marketing: Marketing is managing profitable costumer relationship. Marketing Process: The continuous process of identifying customer needs through analysis of internal/external influences and marketing research, setting objectives, and developing a marketing mix is called Marketing Process.

What role might marketing research play in the facilitation of the exchange process?

The goal of research is to understand how things work and turn that knowledge into the development of new processes and products. For example, look at the way PayPal revolutionized the online exchange of money. The market research could have been as simple as asking a few neighbors if they would buy ( Full Answer )

How is a foreign exchange market different from foreign exchange?

Foriegn Exchange invloves physical transaction of currencies from a dealer or broker. But Foreign Exchange Market involves a virtual transaction with real money. Foreign Exchange market is largest of all the markets and nearly 10 times bigger than NYSE. These simple sentences can't explain the diffe ( Full Answer )

Swap in foreign exchange market?

the swap is basically purchasing foreign currency in the spot market and selling at forward or purchasing at forward and selling also at forward. swap in purchasing in spot rate and selling at forward and swap out is the opposit of it

What is the gas exchange process of a dragonfly?

Dragonfly breathes from its butt. It sucks water from its anuswhere the gas exchange process occurs. When the dragonfly takes thewater out from its rear, it pushes the nymph forward, giving theadded benefit of locomotion.

What is definition of foreign exchange market?

Foreign exchange is exchanging foreign currencies. The foreignexchange market assists international trade and investment byenabling the conversion of currency. In a typical forex transaction, one side purchases one currency for another. Currency trading iscarried out on forex platforms, like eToro o ( Full Answer )

Concept of exchange in marketing?

There are barter exchanges where businesses can post their excess inventory or service time and trade it for fake money (called trade-notes or something like that), which can then be used to purchase things from other members of the barter exchange. It's not really barter, just an alternative curren ( Full Answer )

Another word for market or exchange?

bazaar, bodega, booth, business, chain store, co-op, corner store, deli, delicatessen, department store, dimestore, drugstore,emporium, exchange, fair, general store, grocery store, mall, mart, outlet, shop, shopping mall, showroom, souk, square, stall, stock exchange,store, supermarket, trading pos ( Full Answer )

What happens in the currency exchange market?

The Foreign exchange market or the Forex is the place whereparticipants are able to exchange, sell, buy and speculatecurrencies. It is one of the world's largest trading area.

What role might marketing research play in facilitating the exchange process?

The goal of research is to understand how things work and turn that knowledge into the development of new processes and products. For example, look at the way PayPal revolutionized the online exchange of money. The market research could have been as simple as asking a few neighbors if they would buy ( Full Answer )

What is the process of gas exchange called?

Respiration is a process of gas exchange. Respiration is necessaryto supply cells with oxygen for metabolism and to remove the wasteby product carbon dioxide.

Why is the stock exchange called a market?

The stock exchanges are called markets because that is where representatives of buyers and sellers meet to perform daily transactions on behalf of their customers, similar to any other market for products or services.

What is exchange functions in marketing?

The process of marketing is centered around the functions of exchange. The exchange of Goods and services with monitory, or general benefits to the company. The exchange function consists of 3 different functions: Buying , assembling and selling. These functions have a common feature in one respec ( Full Answer )

Where is the foreign exchange market located?

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is a decentralized worldwide financial market. That means that it has no specific locations or source. However, the World Bank collects data and creates reports on currency performance and market share.

How does foreign exchange market work?

In any market there are buyers and sellers who negotiate and agree on the price of the commodity being exchanged. The foreign exchange (Forex) market works in exactly the same manner. However, in Forex the commodity being traded is foreign exchange and the price is the variable or fixed foreign exch ( Full Answer )

What purpose do exchange markets serve?

Exchange markets provide organized trading facilities for stocks, bonds, and/or options. These facilities act as auction houses, where securities brokers and dealers essentially bid for securities.

What is the process of gaseous exchange in plants?

Gaseous Exchange in Plants In the plants the gaseous exchange occurs through surface of leaves. Special apparatus called as stomata are present on the surface on the leaves and green stem, through which plants exchange gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen. Stomatal opening is affected by various en ( Full Answer )

What is the market for foreign currency exchange?

Question: What is the foreign currency exchangemarket? Ans: The main currency exchange market is Forex/FX.The market covers all the accepts of selling and buying currencieson the existing values. In terms of volume it is the largestcurrency market of the world.

What is the difference in the stock market and the currency exchange market?

A stock market or equity market, is a trading place where buyingand selling of stocks happens to gain some profits. . The currency market, also termed as Forex, is a global,decentralized market where the transaction of currencies takesplace. The largest international banks and financial institution ( Full Answer )

How is exchange important in marketing?

its important because people from different markets get to try new products in exhange of others to later try new stuff whicch can help them sell it too in the future. (it can help them financially)

What is exchanged through the foreign exchange trade market?

Through the foreign exchange trade market, you can exchange currency between different regions. This service is mainly used by large corporations such as international banks. You can learn more about the foreign exchange market at the Wikipedia.

What is forex exchange market?

Forex exchange market is a currency market and It is market for thetrading of currencies.

What is an exchange market?

The Forex market can be thought of as a large exchange booth wherecurrencies are bought and sold against each other. If you know, forexample, that the dollar is going to increase in value, you buydollars right now, wait for the currency to rise in value and thensell your dollars for another currency ( Full Answer )

What is Future Market in Forex Exchange Market?

The futures contracts that are bought & sold in future marketare completely based on a standard size. Moreover, the futurescontracts include the details having number of units which arebeing traded, settlement & delivery dates and minimal incrementin price. Both the future & forward contracts usuall ( Full Answer )