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FSB stands for Front-Side Bus. It is the bus that connects the northbridge with the CPU.

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2011-03-26 18:18:46
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Q: What is FSB in computer terms?
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What is the component of a computer called a bus?

fsb...front serial bus

Does FSB connect the North Bridge with the CPU or does the FSB connect the computer processor with the North BridgeMemory Controller?

In a way both are correct. The FSB (Front Side Bus) is the direct connection between the CPU (or Central Processing Unit (computer Processor)) and the Northbridge (which generally has the memory controller on it).

What is the effect of front side bus on computer?

the front side bus (or FSB) is the highway that data takes to get anywhere inside your computer. When data travels to or from the processor or the memory or any of the cards in your computer (network card, video, sound or other cards) it takes the FSB to get there. The FSB cannot be upgraded without replacing the motherboard, unlike the processor or memory.

Is there any link between processor's fsb and ram's fsb?

They are the same thing. The front side bus (fsb) is primarily used by a computer as the communication line between the processor and RAM. (with some other technical components involved) However, the speed of ram should be the highest the computer can handle to get optimal performance out of it. (faster ram can keep up with the speed of the fsb and reduce idle time where the processor is waiting for a specific line of code)

What part of a computer connects to the processor and random access memory?

FRONT SIDE BUS - FSB interconnects Processor and RAM. Also FSB provides connectivity to Processor for other components on motherboard.

Does increasing RAM increase the speed of your computer?

A computer's speed depend on FSB and ram memory ..... increasing of ram definitely increase computer speed and performance..

What is a FSB bank?

FSB = Federal Savings Bank.

What is bus speed?

computer bus speed FSB starts from 66 MHz to over 800 MHz.

When was BankFinancial FSB created?

BankFinancial FSB was created in 1962.

What is FSB or front side bus on a computer?

AnswerFSB or Front Side Bus is a bus (group of signals) which connects the computer processor to the North Bridge/memory controller. FSB speed decides the speed of memory acess.Also see,http:/ Neeraj Sharma

The CPU is connected to the system memory by the?

The Front Side Bus (FSB) connects the processor (CPU) in your computer to the system memory.

What does the disk drive of a computer do?

a disk drive is a randomly addressable and rewritable storage device. and it communicates to the rest of the machine with the FSB.

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