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Fond acier indoxyable is French for substantive stainless steel.


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A fond acier is a vintage watch that has a stainless steel back. The price of a fond acier watch varies by condition and values range from $100.00 - $1100.00.

substantive stainless steel

The words fond acier inoxydable are French for stainless steel back. You can't tell the manufacturer from that but you may have the name on the movement.

Lavender alvarex fond Acier 17 jewel watch swiss made in cab /inoxy dable would appreciate any onformation

it means stainless steel in english

A "fond acier inoxydable" watch is a watch stamped with those French words meaning "stainless steel back." This stamp can be found on many vintage watches.

Any watchmaker who used #40 Stainless Steel Movement

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Unfortunately, no- other than an educated guess that you may have a Belgian shotgun. Acier is not a brand- it means steel. Many are marked Acier Cockerill- which is the company that made the steel.

THis is not the name of the shotgun, but kind of barrel, made in Belgium. Acier means Steel, and Cockerill stands for "Cockerill-Sambre" the name of the steel maker.

Jacques Ferry has written: 'L' acier'

Please re-ask the question and provide the model and guage or type of gun. "Acier Special" means special steel and is stamped on many different models.

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You need to give more information. I assume it is a shotgun, but "Acier Special" just means it was made with "special steel" and we would need at least a model number to start looking for the manufacture date.

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Basically impossible to value with no other information.

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The literal translation is... 'steel telescopic handle'

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