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If your car does not have insurance and the lienholder knows it does not if you have a wreck is the lienholder responsible for the damage also?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You, the driver if you were at fault in the accident are fully responsible for both your own damages and those damages and/or injuries resulting to the other person unless on the off chance they had uninsured motorist coverage which generally would take care of them. In that scenerio ( Full Answer )

Can a lienholder repossess a car if it is titled to another lienholder?

When there are multiple liens on a car, it is possible for eitherlien holder to repossess it. However, one lien holder is normallyin the first position and the other one is in the second position.The one with his name on the title is normally the one in the firstposition and is the one who gets paid ( Full Answer )

Can a lienholder repossess a car if it is not in default but in the impound?

As long as you continue to make the payments, they would have no reason the instigate a repossession.. When a vehicle is financed or leased, the creditor has an interest in the vehicle and rights under the contract you signed. If you are in default of the contract either by default in payment or ot ( Full Answer )

What if the customer has moved from the address they gave their lienholder but the bank keeps calling and coming by anyway?

Answer . This is not your responsibility and they are infringing on your privacy. Write a letter to Management of the Institution and send it Registered Mail. By Registering the letter someone has to sign for it, and this is proof that you actually sent the letter and explained the circumstance ( Full Answer )

What is a lienholder deductible?

Answer . \nUsually a lienholder (a bank, an individual party) requires that the vehicle you purchased from them to have automobile liability insurance. Usually, they want you to carry a $250 Collision and $250 Comprehensive deductibles. They must be added as an additional insured to the auto p ( Full Answer )

Can you repossess a car if you do not have a written contract on it but you are a lienholder and you have the title with your name listed as lienholder?

If you don't have a "contract", you aren't a leinholder. A lienholder must have a contract and have filed the notice with the county recorders office and the title must state you as the leinholder. If the person is named on a title as a lien holder he or she has the legal option of repossessing the ( Full Answer )

What is GMAC?

GMAC or General Motors Acceptance Corporation is a diversified, global financial services company that operates in approximately 40 countries in automotive finance, real estate finance, insurance and commercial finance businesses. . Founded in 1919 as a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Co ( Full Answer )

Should you sell GMAC bonds?

In a conference call CFO indicated that 2008 would be better than 2007 for GMAC; based on that one would expect there might be improvement in the value of GMAC bonds later in the year - so hold for now.

Repossession rules for gmac?

When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your lease obligation. These rights are established by the signed contract and by state law. If your payments are late or you default on your contract in ( Full Answer )

How to buy a motorcycle when there is a lienholder?

You would need to have a clear title, so make sure the lien holder is paid out of the amount you agree to pay the current owner. This might mean a direct payment to the lien holder with the remainder going to the current owner. Check in with your local DMV to see what you would need to do.

If the lienholder is out of business how do get a lien release?

If it is a car you contact the dmv or bmv and fax the title to them and a notorized letter explaining yoursituation about the lean, they will send you a letter you then go to the court of common pleas for an appt before a judge he/she will decide to or not give you a clear title

What does lienholder mean?

A lien holder is the finance company, bank, or individual with whom you signed an agreement to borrow money using a particular asset, such as a car or real property, as collateral. You cannot sell that asset until the loan is paid. If you don't pay the loan, the lien holder can take possession of th ( Full Answer )

Phone number for GMAC in the US?

GMAC's corporate phone number is (800) 200-4622. The people answering the phone are NOT in the US

What does gmac stand for?

GMAC stands for General Motors Acceptance Corporation. After the reorganization of General Motors it was renamed Ally Financial and is a bank holding company that provides mortgages and car loans and other financial services.

Does mechanic's lien supersede other lienholder?

Liens affect property according to the order in which they are recorded. A mechanic's lien will supersede any liens recorded after it was recorded as long as you take the necessary steps to perfect it.. Mechanic's liens, while they vary from state to state, tend to be different than most other kind ( Full Answer )

What is a lienholder hit list?

"I would think that it is a list of leinholder's (finance companies, banks, etc.) with the addresses that have been found to be correct.

Find a lienholder with a VIN?

Depending on the state the vehicle is registered in, most DMVs keep this information on file.

What happends when the lienholder dies?

My father had a lien on my vehicle which is registered in my name and when it was paid off last Dec, we never thought about the title and he has now passed away and his wife refuses to give me the title or have it transferred. What can I do?

Why are gmac bonds not paying their interest?

How ridiculous to start such an unfounded rumor. Gmac arepaying the interest as it comes due exactly as agreed.I have purchased both the GMac bonds and the Smart Notes and am receiving (on time) a handsome return of over 7% in todays market.They are rated ccc and cca, there is some risk but certainl ( Full Answer )

Will GMAC Financial survive?

I believe, GMAC will survive. The new guidelines that they are using for home mortgages are extremely safe. Fully documented income, fairly low loan to value loans, and solid credit history usually is a safe bet.. Josh Harmatz. Voyage Financial Group

Who owns GMAC bank?

It is own by Ally Financial when it entered into an agreement to offer financial services to Chrysler dealers and customers in 2009,

Can you cash check made out to lienholder?

Call the bank and ask them if you can cash a check made out to lienholder. They will tell you if they will cash it or not, or under what conditions they will cash it. You may need to present them with documentation.

What if the address for lienholder citifinancial auto?

I did some company research, because I couldn't find mytitle/release of lien. I called a couple of CitiFinancial officesfor more info. Turns out CitiFinancial Auto went out of business inSept, 2010. It was sold to Santander, an international financecompany. Santander will handle all active accounts ( Full Answer )

What is CHASE lienholder address?

For Chase Auto Loans, the lienholder's current mailing address isChase Auto Finance, P.O. Box 901076 Fort Worth, TX 76101-2076.

Is the lessor the lienholder?

The lessor is considered to be the lien holder because he is theone who has the claim to any rental benefits. He is supposed tocollect rental income from the lease.

Can a lienholder place a lien against you when you have nothing?

Yes, even though it seems pointless. A lien can be filed against the individual with the assumption that in the future the judgment debtor will be in some manner solvent. However, it would be unusual for a creditor to file suit against a debtor if it has been clearly established that the monies owe ( Full Answer )

Does GMAC offer home insurance?

GMAC does offer homeowners insurance. You can find out more at their website. You can get a quote for the insurance online or through a local GMAC agent.

What are the benefits of gmac insurance?

Gmac insurace Is insurance for people that can't afford other insurance because of the income that they make. It's affordable and it still gives you the same coverage as any other insurance will give you just at a lower rate.

How affordable is gmac insurance?

GMAC Insurance offers affordable homeowners insurance. They have a good rating and look like they have lots of satisfied customers. However, this depends on the homeowners situation - some may experience unaffordable insurance due to their high risk.

Who can fund gmac insurances?

Whoever chooses to buy GMAC insurance pays the premiums, and GMAC insurance would use the premiums to in turn make sure they had the funds to pay out for the people who made insurance claims.

What is a gmac auto?

GMAC auto has recently changed their name to Ally and can be visited at Ally.com. Ally is an auto financing and leasing company that provides premier service for companies like Audi and GMC.

Does GMAC Auto have online services?

GMAC Auto does offer online services. On their website they also list phone numbers and email addresses by which to reach them. But on the website itself, it says that you can create and account with them on which you can make online payments, check your statements, and so on.

Does a lienholder override a mechanic's lien in Alabama?

It generally depends on which lien was filed first. It generally depends on which lien was filed first. It generally depends on which lien was filed first. It generally depends on which lien was filed first.

What is an auto lienholder?

A lien holder is someone who has a financial interest in a car. It could be the bank you financed it from, or someone else who the car owner owes money to. The car owner's name is on the title with the lien holder's name so that you can't sell the car without the lien holder signing the title... ( Full Answer )

In what fields does GMAC Mortgage operate?

GMAC Mortgage operates in Phoenix, Arizona, Louisville, Kentucky, Waterloo, Idaho, and Texas. Their services include mortgaging homes, and refinancing monthly payments.

Who is the CEO of GMAC Auto Insurance?

The current CEO of GMAC Auto Insurance is Gary Y. Kusumi. Kusumi began his career in autos in Toldeo Ohio working at General Motors and started his insurance career at Progressive in 1981.

How can one contact GMAC financial?

There are many ways for one to contact GMAC Financial. One can contact GMAC Financial by sending them an e-mail message to their official e-mail address.

Where can one get information on a GMAC Mortgage?

As of February 1, 2013, the GMAC Mortgage company is no longer in operations so has sold its mortgage accounts to various other mortgage companies. If one wanted more details related to this, it would be best to visit their official webpage for contact information.

Does GMAC Mortgage LLC exist?

The company that used to be known as GMAC is now Ally Financial. Ally put the GMAC ResCap subsidiary (the one that included GMACMortgage) into bankruptcy in 2012, because of substantial losses;they wanted to get out of the mortgage business and focus on theirhighly profitable automotive financing b ( Full Answer )