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See Wikipedia for "Green economy."

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When was The Green Collar Economy created?

The Green Collar Economy was created in 2008.

What is the percentage of people against a green economy?

aproximatley 17% of all Americans are against the green economy

What is the ISBN of The Green Collar Economy?

The ISBN of The Green Collar Economy is 978-0-06-165075-8.

Green revolution and its impact on economy?


Alaska and Canada are what economic system?

green economy

What is the significance of green color on Pakistan's flag?

The green is symbolizing the green grass and the fruitfulness of the environment. they want to show how their enviorment is so green and economy friendly!

What effect does green packaging have on economy?

plastic casues harm

What progress has Russia achieved in its transition to a market economy?

Green fruit#

What is green to the economy?

George w. Bushs way of saying im bisexual

What are the release dates for Green Acres - 1965 Economy Flight to Washington 4-19?

Green Acres - 1965 Economy Flight to Washington 4-19 was released on: USA: 12 February 1969

What was the aim of the green revolution?

THE AIMS OF GREEN REVOLUTION ARE: increase productivitiy of food reduce poverty cultivate economy

What are the objectives of green revolution?

The objectives of the green revolution was to cultivate the economy, increase the production of food and to reduce poverty. This revolution started in 1968 by William Gaud.

What is the difference between grey and green economy?

A "gray (or grey) economy" or "gray market" is a part of the economy that is not fully accounted for in official accounting or statistics. It is a type of secondary market that was not the original intention of the manufacturer or buyer. It is similar to a "black market," only not illicit.A "green economy" is an economy that takes into account ecological and environmental factors. It attempts to offset the negative effects of human activities, tries to steer away from models based on fossil fuels, and focus on things like renewable energy.

Can you use the word geothermal in a sentence?

With the growing 'green economy', geothermal energy is a viable option for power.

How you prove that the global warming do not have any impact on our economy?

Global warming does effect our economy. People freaked out because of left wing scare tactics and pushed a huge green movement opening up more industry and demand for green products and energy. More jobs, too!

Is the economy in the us going to get better?

no one knows but we hope and i think so with so many people going green! it will the economy goes up and down there are good times and bad times

What has the author Lakshman S Yapa written?

Lakshman S. Yapa has written: 'Ecopolitical economy of the green revolution'

Is going green or sustainability more important to our economy and environment?

no one person doing is pointless if everyone else isnt

Is Singapore a mixed economy?

The economy of Singapore can be considered mixed. It is a balance of socialism with a free market approach. The country has a lot of green initiatives while also allowing individuals to open businesses in three days.

Is Ireland an open or closed economy?

It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.It is an open economy.

What does green shift light mean on corsa?

The green Shift arow apears at 2000 RPM and it means that you should and can shift up to keep a low fuel consumption. You don't have to is just for fuel economy.

Have mini cooper sales suffered because of the economy?

Sales have for the Mini Cooper have not suffered because of the economy. Most economists and people that are trying to go 'green' prefer a smaller car that gets better gas mileage.

How does Barack Obama propose to stimulate the economy?

by making a bigger budget for the U.S to live under and provide more green resources.

What does the kansas flag symbolize?

it symbolizes a lush, green atmosphere with farmers i9n the picture. to me i think it symbolizes their great economy (wealth)

What is the difference between market economy and mixed economy?

The difference between market economy and mixed economy is that a marked economy is a marked economy and a mixed economy is a mixed economy