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A style of Rock Music that incorporates elements of punk rock and heavy metal, popularized in the early 1990s and often marked by lyrics exhibiting nihilism, dissatisfaction, or apathy. A list of grunge bands: Mother Love Bone, Babes In Toyland, Mudhoney, Stone Temple Pilots, L7, The Jesus Lizard, Temple of the Dog (grunge supergroup), Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, The Melvins, Nirvana, Seaweed, Pearl Jam, Skin Yard, Hole, Hammerbox, Tad, Grim Lake Facility, Seven Year B*tch, Screaming Trees, Malfunkshun, Mad Season (grunge supergroup), Paw, Pound,

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Q: What is Grunge music?
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What is the difference between grunge and post-grunge?

i think that post grunge is grunge music in the '00s after the grunge era had died out

What genre of music is Nirvana?

Guitar Rock Utilizing Nihilist Grunge Energy or grunge.

Birthplace of grunge music?


What instruments are used in grunge music?


What instrument are used in grunge music?


What U.S. city became the headquarters for grunge bands?

Seattle, Washington is the home to grunge music.

Is nivarna indie or rock music?

Nirvana is grunge/rock music.

What genre is Candlebox's music?

Candlebox's music is a mix of genres including rock, alternative rock, grunge, and post-grunge. Their music is greatly influenced by many other genres of music such as jazz and blues.

How did grunge music affect the 90's?

it revolutionized rock music.

What type of music does nirvana play?

Nirvana's music has been classified as "Grunge."

What genre is Nirvana's music?

Alternative Rock/Grunge

What characterizes grunge music?

As a style of music, it is generally characterized by 'dirty' guitar, strong riffs, and heavy drumming. Grunge is also popularly referred to as the Seattle Sound.

What is grunge day?

April 5, For the death of Kurt Cobain. A leading artist in Grunge style music. From the Band "Nirvana"

What was the most popular music in 1995?

the most popular style of music in '95 was grunge

Where did metal music start?

many believe that it branched from Grunge music, which is from Seatlle,WA

Which city is home to grunge?

seattle Washington is home to grunge music with bands like nirvana, pearl jam and Alice in chains

When was grunge music invented?

grunge started in the late 80s and went all through the 90s and died off within the 2000s

What genre of music is Seether?

post grunge, alternative metal

What US city is the birthplace of grunge music?

Seattle, Washington.

What city is commonly consider to be the birthplace of grunge music?


What guitar is best for playing grunge music?

fender jaguar

What types of music were there in 1990's?

grunge rock

What is Seattle Grunge?

It is the music style created by Jimi Hendrix.

What genre of music does Three Days Grace play?

Grunge and Metal

Was nirvana the best grunge band there ever was?

Well lots of people say yes and lots of people say no but lots of people say that there music changed grunge and music as we know it but in my mind i say yes