What is HDTV cable TV?

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HDTV refers to High Definition Television

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Q: What is HDTV cable TV?
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What do you need to decode your cable at your tv?

You must have a HDTV converter box from your cable company.

Is this TV cable ready?

Yes it is. Yes, this particular model is cable and HDTV ready.

Starting from an HDTV cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an HDTV picture on the other tv?

Hi, It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depending again, on the box and the cable company. However, IF the cable company says that a HDTV signal is available from the PIP output on the cable box, then it'll probably work. The only way to be sure is to connect a TV and find out. Hope this helps, Cubby

Do you need a HDMI cable to play PS3 on a HD TV?

In order for the PS3 to work best on a HDTV you need to have or purchase either an HDMI or a component AV cable and connect the PS3 to the HDTV. The PS3 will play on a HDTV when it is connected with the AV cable that was provided, but it will not be in HD

How can i get the HDMI cable to work with your tv and your PS3?

You need an HDTV for it to work and the TV has to have an HDMI connection. Then you need to turn your HDTV to the location for the HDMI that was connected

Do you need HDMI cable to watch cable TV on new flat screen TV?

You need a cable company HD converter box connected to your HDTV thru a HDMI or Component cables to get real high def. If you connect the cable from the cable company directly to your HDTV like you did with analog tv, you will not be getting HD.

What is wrong with my Xbox 360 when the monitor doesnt work?

If it is not an HDTV make sure the switch on the back of the AV Cable is on TV not HDTV.

Do I need an HDTV antenna separately?

No, you do not need a separate HDTV antenna unless you are using the antenna to get your channels. If you have cable TV, then the antenna is not necessary.

Can you stream video from your computer to your HDTV?

Yes, you need a certain cable or wifi on your tv

How can you watch tv without cable access?

You can purchase a digital antenna or HDTV antenna.

What coaxial cable supports HDTV?

I could be wrong, but I believe you are talking about an HDMI cable. Between the antenna and the TV set use RG6 cable.

Do I need a special HDTV converter box from my cable company for my Sharp LC-32D47U 32 in. Class HDTV AQUOS LCD TV?

All HDTVs need a special box from your cable provider.

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