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HDTV stands for High Definition Television. HDTV is a digital television broadcasting standard. Since it is digital, the signals are composed of ones and zeroes -- the language of computers -- instead of waves. HDTV digital signals can contain more information that the old systems. The data can be compressed to allow up to six times more information in the same range of radio waves. Therefore, a broadcaster can send multiple data streams through the limited airwaves they are allowed to use. This is known as multicasting. The old TV standard was for 625 lines (not 525 lines across), with the television screen having a 4:3 "aspect ratio" (that is, the dimensions of the TV screen would be IN A RATIO of 4 to 3). Aspect ratio has very little to do with the broadcast standard - widescreen TV's are not necessarily HDTV (Mine's standard 625 PAL). HDTV can give display of 720 or 1080 lines, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. You can access HDTV with a digital converter on an old television. But this will not give you its full benefits. Newer models of TVs are being built with integrated receivers for HDTV.

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Q: What is HDTV?
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How does the quality of the samsung hdtv compare to a sony hdtv?

The Samsung hdtv and the Sony hdtv are among the top quality televisions in the hdtv sector. The only difference between these televisions are the features they offer.

How do you know that you have if you have HDTV?

If it has HDMI connectors you have a HDTV.

HDTV Repair?

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What does HDTV stand for?

HDTV Stands for High Definition Television

What is the full orm of HDTV?

HDTV = High Definition Television

How do check if your TVs a HDTV?

If the set has HDMI connectors it is a HDTV.

Do HDTV Projection Screens come in a variety of sizes?

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Which has better quality HDTV or EDTV?

HDTV. EDTV was for, `extended data TV', with the highest resolution of 720 lines. HDTV can do 1050.

What is HDTV cable TV?

HDTV refers to High Definition Television

What TV formats are HDTV?

If the TV is 1080i, 1080p or 720p, they are HDTV.

What is the differene between plasma and HDTV?

Plasma and HDTV are not comparable since Plasma is a type of screen and HDTV is a type of video. Meaning that a Plasma TV can run HDTV on it, so there is no need to compare the two.

Would you consider buying hdtv sony or a panasonic hdtv?

The decision to purchase a Sony or Panasonic HDTV is very personal but I personally own the Sony 42inch HDTV and it has been a great Television in our home.

Do you need HDTV for Xbox 360 elite?

Although you do not need an HDTV for an Xbox360 to work you will need an HDTV to be able to get the most resolution out of your Xbox

What does HDTV stands for?

HDTV = High Definition TeleVision Best regards, PeterHammer.

Do HDTV need a converter box with HDTV antenna?

No, as long as it is not "HD ready" you will not need a converter box. The technology in the converter box is built into the HDTV

What is the main difference between an led hdtv and a lcd hdtv?

The difference between led hdtv and lcd hdtv is that the led uses led lighting instead of lcd lighting that's used in computers and cell phones. the lcd hdtv is the oldest model and the led is the newest. With the led the picture is clearer.

What is the difference in price between a sony hdtv and a panasonic hdtv?

The difference in preice between a song HDTV and a panasonic HDTV is around one hundred dollars. Sony usually runs a little higher because of their higher reputation.

How much for a subscription to hdtv dish network?

If you want a subscription to hdtv dish network, you will have to pay for it. It will cost you ten dollars to have HDTV channels. They are having a currently having a promotion that will entitle you to free HDTV for life.

Is a converter box required to use the rca amplified indoor HDTV antenna?

If the TV is a HDTV and there are HDTV stations near by you won't need a converter box.

Can I record HDTV with a DVR?

You can not only record HDTV on your DVR, it is considered to currently be the best way to do so. HDTV requires a large amount of space on your drive, so the bigger the storage unit the better if you plan on using your DVR to record HDTV. TiVo is an excellent feature and example that allows you to record HDTV.

Interested in buying HDTV What is best choice?

The best HDTV are 1080P no matter what brand.

Does PS3 have HDTV?

No, but it can connect to a HDTV and Play up to 1080P blu-ray discs

What is the quality of a HDTV camcorder?

An HDTV camcorder is the highest quality consumer camcorder available.

How do you test if your TV has HD?

A late model HDTV will have COMPONENT or HDTV input connectors.

How do you hook up HDMI cable to Playstation 3?

Plug on end into PS3 Plug other into HDTV. Turn on PS3 and HDTV and switch HDTV to HDMI input plug if needed set PS3 and HDTV for HDMI auto features