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What is HMS 1 and HMS 2 scrap?


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this refers to scrap steel. Heavy Melt Scrap (HMS) is graded by how well its prepared so there is HMS 1 and HMS 2

HMS in scrap recycling refers to Heavy Melt Scrap. Depending on your location in the world expect $400 to $500 per ton depending on grade and quanity of scrap metal. Prices referenced are as of June 2011. Check online for current scrap prices.

Yes and you require AP permit.

Take a look at, search their site. It usually gives a somewhat accurate idea of prices. for current scrap metal prices for HMS, Steel and other scrap metals go to

Scrap steel has go down in price substantially and now is around $50 per ton for prepared steel and iron (as of Nov 2008) Prices do fluctuate and are based on grades (HMS 1, HMS 2, etc.).

Shred 211 is from broken cars and tends to be under one foot pieces. HMS 1 &2 is Heavy Melting Steel that might be train wheels, plate, beams, rails, lager pieces from machinery etc

Most popular one is Heavy melting steel (HMS) HMS stands for heavy melting scrapHMS is of two types HMS1 and HMS2 these are considered best for recycling after that it comesThere are few more A1, A2 These less light in weight so occupy more space

To name a few: 1. HMS Hermes (aircraft carrier) 2. HMS Prince of Wales (battleship) 3. HMS Repulse (battlecruiser) 4. HMS Exeter (heavy cruiser)

1. HMS King George V 2. HMS Anson 3. HMS Duke of York 4. HMS Howe 5. HMS Prince of Wales (the only one which did not survive WWII)

HM 1 teaches your Pokemon the move "Cut" HM 2 teaches your Pokemon the move "Fly" Be careful when you teach HMs, they cannot be removed from your Pokemon until you find the move deleter.

Scrap metal price starts at .07 USD per pound and goes up from there. Bright copper can be sold for over $3.30 per pound near me! Scrap metal price is another way of saying what is the price of scrap metal? One needs to be specific when asking this quetion as there are many different types and grades of scrap metal. Scrap metal encompasses ferrous (iron, steel, HMS) and non ferrous (copper, aluminum, zinc, base metals, etc.) metals. There are also different grades of scrap metal, for example there s prepared steel, unprepared steel, copper #1, HMS #1 etc. Each commands a different price. There are many sites on line that post prices or check with your local recycler.

The KGV class: 1. HMS King George V 2. HMSDuke of York 3. HMS Howe 4. HMS Anson 5. HMS Prince of Wales (the only one sunk in battle during WWII)

Scrap encompasses both non ferrous and ferrous scrap - meaning steel, copper, aluminum, brass, HMS, zinc, etc. Prices of scrap vary depending on type of metal, grade of the metal, location in the world and daily price fluctuations

There are many different types of scrap metals (ferrous and non ferrous) - meaning scrap metals encompass steel, copper, brass, aluminum, HMS, zinc, lead, etc.. You need to be more specific on what type of scrap metal prices you are seeking.

2 ships in the Royal Navy have had the name HMS King George V The first was built between 16 Jan 1911 and 9 Oct 1911 and was decommissioned in 1924 The second was built between 1 Jan 1937 and 21 Feb 1939, she was decommissioned in 1949 and sold for scrap

visit on website As of Sept 17, 2008 the following are approx prices you should expect to obtain for scrap steel, Iron , HMS No.1 Steel (HMS1) 430.00 ton USD No.1 Steel (2 foot) 473.00 ton USD No.2 Steel 387.00 ton USD No.2 Steel (2 foot) 326.80 408.50 ton USD No.3 Steel 365.50 ton USD No.4 Shredded Steel 301.00 ton USD If you wish to know the current and daily scrap metal prices, see the page link, further down this page, listed under "Related Links." May 26 2011 Average scrap metal prices across the US are in the $390 to $450 per ton range. The lower prices are for lighter steel scrap whereas the upper price range is for prepared HMS prepared to 3 foot and under pieces

There are many different types of scrap metals - There is ferrous (iron, steel HMS) and non ferrous scrap metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.). You need to specify the type of scrap metal you have in order to obtain proper pricing. Copper for example is around $3.50 cents for bare brite copper whereas Scrap Steel #1 Busheling is around $450.00 gt Use a magnet to quickly identify your scrap metals - ferrous take to a magnet, non ferrous do not

1) Harvard Medical School 2) Her Majesty's Ship

Hunter - 1984 Scrap Metal 2-15 was released on: USA: 1 February 1986

There are many types of scrap metals. There are ferrous and non ferrous metals. A magnet will stick to ferrous metals and will NOT stick to non-ferrous scrap metals. Ferrous scrap metals include iron, steel, Heavy Melt Scrap (HMS) Non ferrous scrap metals include copper, tin, aluminum, brass, bronze. To know the current price of scrap metal you have to specify the type of scrap metal you have. Also keep in mind some scrap metals are priced in dollars per pound and other are in dollars per ton.

The price of copper scrap varies daily and also depends on the grade (No. 1, No 2. , bare brite wire, etc.) . No .1 copper scrap is currently around $2.23 per pound

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The KGVs (King George the 5th class battleships): 1. HMS King George the 5th (KGV) 2. HMS York 3. HMS Anson 4. HMS Howe 5. HMS Prince of Wales All of which survived the war except for Prince of Wales, which was sunk by Japanese torpedo planes in the Pacific on 10 December 1941.

if you are gona scrap it it is worth 2.50 for #1 and #2 is worth 1.00

tokens cost 3 weapons to make, or 1.5 scrap. however, some people try to profit by buying them for 1 scrap and selling them for 2.

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