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this refers to scrap steel. Heavy Melt Scrap (HMS) is graded by how well its prepared so there is HMS 1 and HMS 2

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Q: What is HMS 1 and HMS 2 scrap?
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What is the price per ton for HMS 1 and HMS 2 scrap?

HMS in scrap recycling refers to Heavy Melt Scrap. Depending on your location in the world expect $400 to $500 per ton depending on grade and quanity of scrap metal. Prices referenced are as of June 2011. Check online for current scrap prices.

Can Malaysia export scrap HMS- 1 2?

Yes and you require AP permit.

What is current rate of HMS 1 and HMS 2 scrap. We need for export from Canada and usa to Asia?

Take a look at, search their site. It usually gives a somewhat accurate idea of prices. for current scrap metal prices for HMS, Steel and other scrap metals go to

What is the price per pound of scrap iron in MN?

Scrap steel has go down in price substantially and now is around $50 per ton for prepared steel and iron (as of Nov 2008) Prices do fluctuate and are based on grades (HMS 1, HMS 2, etc.).

What is difference between HMS 1 and 2 and Shredded Steel 211 scrap?

Shred 211 is from broken cars and tends to be under one foot pieces. HMS 1 &2 is Heavy Melting Steel that might be train wheels, plate, beams, rails, lager pieces from machinery etc

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What is scrap metal price?

Scrap metal price starts at .07 USD per pound and goes up from there. Bright copper can be sold for over $3.30 per pound near me! Scrap metal price is another way of saying what is the price of scrap metal? One needs to be specific when asking this quetion as there are many different types and grades of scrap metal. Scrap metal encompasses ferrous (iron, steel, HMS) and non ferrous (copper, aluminum, zinc, base metals, etc.) metals. There are also different grades of scrap metal, for example there s prepared steel, unprepared steel, copper #1, HMS #1 etc. Each commands a different price. There are many sites on line that post prices or check with your local recycler.

What is different between HMS 1 and HMS 2?

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Scrap prices in Atlanta GA?

Scrap encompasses both non ferrous and ferrous scrap - meaning steel, copper, aluminum, brass, HMS, zinc, etc. Prices of scrap vary depending on type of metal, grade of the metal, location in the world and daily price fluctuations

What are the prices of scrap steel in Missouri?

There are many different types of scrap metals (ferrous and non ferrous) - meaning scrap metals encompass steel, copper, brass, aluminum, HMS, zinc, lead, etc.. You need to be more specific on what type of scrap metal prices you are seeking.