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Leuke/goede Vaderdag.

Father's Day is (in my opinion, a some commercial) day to celebrate fathers, just as Valentine's Day is used to celebrate love and lovers.

And you say it when you hand your father a present, just as you use Happy birthday when you congratulate the one whose birthday it is when you hand him/her a present.

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Happy Father's day = Fijne vaderdag

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Q: What is Happy Father's Day in Dutch?
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How do you say Happy Fathers Day in Tongan?

Happy Father's day dad u have done more and more in our

How do you say happy Father's Day in English?

happy fathers day

How do you say happy Independence Day in dutch?

Gelukkige Onafhankelijkheidsdag is the word for Happy Independence Day. This is translation from English to Dutch.

How do you say Happy Day in tongan?

Happy Fathers Day. The language of Tonga is Tongan and English

What are the most common Fathers Day sayings?

The most common Fathers Day saying is 'Happy Fathers Day'. There are not many other sayings for this particular holiday.

What would fathers like on fathers day?

A simple I love you dad on Father's Day with a Happy Fathers Day should make any dad pleased

What websites list Fathers Day poems from wife?

There are lots of websites that has listing of fathers day poems from their wives. You can go to or

Should women be wished a Happy Father's Day?

No, Father's Day is only for men who are fathers.

What is feliz dia de los padres mean in English?

Happy fathers' day.

Why are dutch children always happy?

Nobody is always happy. Dutch children are also not always happy.

What is 'Happy Mother's Day' in Dutch?

Zalig Paasfeest is one Dutch equivalent of 'Happy Easter'. Another is 'Gelukkig Paasfeest'. Either way, the wish is the same. And these are just two examples of the many ways to express 'Happy Easter' wishes among Dutch speakers. Most people say 'Fijne Paasdagen' in the Netherlands.

what lighten up fathers on fathers day.?

you lighten fathers on fathers day.