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What is High density polymer concrete?


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May 05, 2013 2:53PM

What is Polymer concrete?

It is also known as resin concrete because synthetic resins are used instead of cement in its manufacturing.

Density of cement concrete

  • Density of normal concrete is in the order of about 2400 kg per cubic metre. The density of light-weight concrete will be less than 1900 kg per cubic metre.
  • To call the concrete, as high density concrete, it must have unit weight ranging from about 3360 kg per cubic metre to 3840 kg per cubic metre, which is about 50% higher than the unit weight of conventional concrete. They can, however be produced with the densities upto 5280 kg per cubic metre using iron as both fine and coarse aggregate.
  • The high density concrete is used in the construction of radiation shields.

Density of polymer concrete

  • Normally, the density of polymer concrete is not more than 2260 kg per cubic metre, when you use normal aggregates like granite stone chips and river sand as you do in standard cement concrete.
  • When you use aggregates obtained from iron ore or iron rod pieces, you can make high density polymer concrete upto 5140 kg per cubic metre.