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What is Hilary Duffs mobile number?


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Hilary Duffs very first boyfriend, in Hollywood, was Aaron Carter.

Hilary Duffs Ipod Touch Is Blue.

Her real name is Hilary Duff, and her full name is Hilary Erhard Duff.

no se does not if you wanna know go to hilary duffs email adress

Hilary Duff's first movie was "Casper Meets Wendy" in 1998.

Hilary duffs show,Lizzie mcquire, was canceled because it was an older show. They cancel shows every now and then to make room for new shows,

Hilary Duff's birthday is September 28.

it's her own business and it's not for you to know

her dads name is Robert duff (or bob duff)

One of her biggest secrets is:She lip sings

There are a few websites on the internet that would have pictures of Hilary Duff. A few of these websites include Hilary Vault, O-Hilary, and Hilary Duffs official website.

no,her real hair is dark brown but she dyed it blonde

you name it! there is the album metamorphasis, most wanted, dignity, and many more!

(159) ???-8765 sooo sorry i cant remember the 3 numbers with ?'s in their place! so look up first 3 numbers not in ( )'s of hilary duffs number! in the question box and itll come up! peace out! : )

Hilary Duff's birthday is on September 28th! She was born September 28th, 1987 in Houston Texas

well maybe you can go to the a&b sound store or your local music store

we don't know the possible answer yet but she is ,aking more albums as of 2009

She began dating Mike Comrie (plays for Ottawa Senators in NHL) in 2007.

She dances, hangs with friends( when she can ) , knitts, plays with her dogs, hangs with her family, also her sister Haylie and Hilary sometimes write songs in their free time !

Hilary DuffWilliam Morris Endeavor Entertainment9601 Wilshire Blvd.3rd FloorBeverly Hills, CA 90210USA

staring hilaty duff and her sister haylie duff!!!! answerd by michaela

It was made by Monique Lhullier and the name of the gown is starlight. David's Bridal Prom has it.

Dr. Pepper & Sprite, pizza specialy cheese pizza, and candies (Jelly Belly)

It's called What dreams are made of and it's from Hilary Duffs movie "Lizzie McGuire The Movie"

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