What is Jamaica's imports from Canada?

{| ! scope="col" | Product ! scope="col" | Regulation | Fresh fruits and vegetables Import permit and phytosanitary certificate required. Dried or frozen fruits and vegetables and processed plant materials No import permit or phytosanitary certificate required. Coffee Importation of coffee berries is prohibited. Roasted coffee and coffee in parchment may be imported by permit from the Ministry of Agriculture through the Coffee Industry Board. Citrus Importation of citrus fruit plants or parts thereof is forbidden. Banana Importation of fruit and plants is prohibited; importation of in vitro suckers is restricted. Bees and bee products Importation of raw honey, unprocessed wax, bees, pollen and other live products is prohibited.
Importation of processed wax for cosmetics or manufacturing purposes requires a permit. Plants Import permit required. Importation of finished plants in growing media prohibited. Plants must be bare-rooted; seedlings in liners or small pots. Soil Importation of soil is prohibited. Fruit Importation of mango, naseberry, and tropical soft fruits is prohibited. Root crops Importation of yam, dasheen, and sweet potato is prohibited.