John Quincy Adams

What is John Quincy Adams legacy?


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he left behind a legacy of trying to stop slavery

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No, not at all. John Adams actually provided John Quincy with the knowledge to be who he was. John took John Quincy with him during many political excursions and John Quincy gained a great knowledge. Although they both had their own views, the two respected each other. In essence, John Quincy did look up to his father as a great man.

John Quincy Adams was from Massacheusets

no, John Quincy Adams was John Adams's son

John Quincy Adams was the son of President John Adams.

I dont kno i gt a reasearch report on it tho

President John Adams was the father of President John Quincy Adams.

No, this was John Adams, John Quincy Adams' father.

John Quincy Adams was Evangeline Adams grandfather.

John Adams was the father of John Quincy Adams. Also, John was the 2nd pres. and Quincy was the sixth. John Adams was actually John Adams Jr. or John Adams the second, as his father was John Adams Sr. John Adams Sr. was not a president.

John Quincy Adams was an only child.

John Quincy Adams was of English descent.

John Adams was the second president of the United States and John Quincy Adams was the sixth president and the son of John Adams.

No, because he was John Adams' son. John Adams was a loser and so was John Quincy Adams.

Louisa Adams was the wife of John Quincy Adams.

John Quincy Adams was 5 ft 7 in.

all i know is that John Quincy Adams Was NOT ASSASINATED!!!!

Nothing is named after John Quincy Adams.

John Quincy Adams is his full name.

did john quincy adams win a award

John Adams is the father of John Quincy Adams. They were the first father/son team to become presidents.

John Adams , the second president , did not have a middle name. His son, John Quincy Adams, obviously had the middle name of Quincy.

John Quincy was the son of John Adams, the second US president.

John Quincy Adams was the 6th president of the United States. President John Quincy Adams could be described as a diplomat.

Massachusetts was the home state of John Quincy Adams and John Adams. Both were born in Braintree, now Quincy, MA.

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