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BURNED by wwe corperation

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โˆ™ 2007-09-18 23:20:53
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Q: What is Kanes old song called?
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What is Kane's 2nd theme song called?

theres not a name to kanes theme song

Who sings Kanes old theme song?

Finger Eleven Sings Slow Chemical Kane's Old Theme Song.

Who sings Kanes new theme song?

actually finger 11 does kanes theme song

Name of kanes old theme song?

I suppose you're talking about "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven...

What was the name of kanes song during the 2005 royal rumble?

His origonal Song.

What is Kanes signature move?

Kanes signature move is called the pick them up through them over your shoulder and slam them on the ground I think

What is Kanes theme song?

slow chemical by finger eleven. not out of the fire as some people think

What is the title of kanes old entrance music?

slow chemical by finger eleven

How tall is Benjamin Kanes?

Benjamin Kanes is 5' 10".

Who is Kanes best WWE friend or?

kanes best freind is his mom

How sings Kanes new theme song?

Kane new 2009 theme is just 1990s scary music.

What is Kanes favorite color?

tell me kanes favorite color and send me the on tell me kanes favorite color and send me the on

What is batiata's old theme song called?

it was called if you seek amy.

Who is the Jonas brothers song inseprable for?

The song is for their old girlfriend called Mandy.

What is Kanes old theme?

If you mean the one from 2002-2008 well then it was slow chemical by finger eleven

Is undertaker Kanes brother?


When was Benjamin Kanes born?

Benjamin Kanes was born on March 25, 1977, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.

What is Jeff Hardy's old theme song called?

In TNA it was called Modest, sung by himself. The song will be on Grooveshark and put in Jeff Hardy Old Theme

Is old undertaker ever giong to come back?

there was only one undertaker,but there was two kanes and the old Kane fights on tna impact

What is that new pitbull song with that old song in the background?

I think its called back in time!

What is song on blues brother with James Brown in church?

The song is called "The Old Landmark"

How old was Mozart when he wrote his first song?

He waws 4/5 years old. The song was called Primary I think

Where can you find kanes old entrance music?

You can download it for free at this link:

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

What does the Hawaiian word Kanes mean in English?

Males or Boys. Wahines and Kanes. Women and Men. Girl and boy