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What is Kool and the gang?

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How tall is Kool of Kool and the Gang?


When was celebration by kool and the gang published?

Celebration by kool & the gang was published In October 1980

How tall is Kool Moe Dee?

How tall is Kool of Kool and the Gang?

Who sings celebration?

kool & the gang

Who wrote the song Celebration?

Kool and the gang

Who sang the song joanna?

Kool and the gang

Who originally sang celebration?

Kool and the Gang

Who sang joanna?

Kool and the Gang-1984

What album is she fresh on by kc and the sunshine band on?

The song Fresh is by Kool & The Gang and was released on 3 albums: Emergency, Gold, and The Very Best of Kool & The Gang

Who sang celebrate good times?

kool and the gang

What musical group was Joe Ali with?

kool & the gang

How many grammys have kool and the gang won?


Who sings celebrate good times?

Kool and the Gang

Who sang the oldies song Joanna?

Kool & The Gang

What year was cherish the love by Kool and the Gang released?


Who sang It's Ladies' Night?

Kool and the Gang

How many Grammy Awards did kool and the gang win?


What band sang celebrate dance to the music?

kool and the gang

Was kool and the gang Muslim?

they were not Muslim to begin with but later converted to Islam.

Which cherish song is good love song?

Kool and the gang cherish

Who is the opening act for van halen's 2012 tour?

kool and the gang

Is James jt Taylor of kool and the gang still married?

James 'JT' Taylor, former lead singer of Kool & the Gang, married Starlena Younf formerly of the R&B duo, Aurra.

What music artists start with the letter K?

Kanye West Kool and The Gang KC and the Sunshine Band Kool G Rap

When did kool and the gang play in Scotland?

Kool and the Gang played in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday 05th December 2010: Venue: Scottish Exhibition and Converence Centre, Finnieston Street, G3 8YW, Glasgow, UK

Who sang the song celebration time come on?

it was sang bij kool and the gang

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