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LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Within the product are two panels which are separated by a liquid crystal solution. The crystals in the liquid either block light or allow it to pass through, thus forming the image you look at on your screen.

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Q: What is LCD and how does it work?
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Does 3D glasses work with the LCD monitor?


Will a playstation 2 work on a lcd tv?

PS2's work on most t.v's but i tryed it and it was a toshbia brand lcd and the lcd tv broke so i'd go with the hdtv :D

Does a psp phat LCD work on a slim?


Do monitor stands work for LCD and CRT monitors?

No they do not.

Will an lcd tv work with rabbit ear antenas?

Yes an LCD t.v can still work with an antenna. Infact, the picture may come in much clearer.

Do LCD wall mounts work for all LCD TVs?

Yes, you can use a wall mount for your LCD TV. It will give your home more of a newer feel when you have it mounted!

Will Nintendo 64 work on LCD TV?

If your lcd is a newer tv, then most of the time, the 64's will not work with the video ins. Some of the older lcd's can run 64 but your best bet is just running it on an older tv.

How does lcd work?

LCD's (Liquid Crystal Displays) work by the crystals being charged with an electric current in varying degrees producing different wave-lengths of light.

Does PS3 Work On A Emerson LCD TV?

The PS3 will work on any TV you can connect it to

Can you watch 3D movies in normal LCD screen with 3D glasses on?

Technically you can watch 3D movies on a normal LCD screen, but if you do the 3D won't work. The reason why it won't work is because a normal LCD screen doesn't have the technology necessary to make the 3D movie features work.

How do you get durabrand tv to work with DVD player with out remote?

you can get a plasma or an LCD TV, that will work perfect

How do LCD based electronics work?

LCD based electronics work by using the liquid based crystals to display an image. This type of technology is important because it can provide a crisp picture.

What gun contollers for PS2 work on an LCD television?

gun games

Will a light gun for sega Saturn work on an lcd tv?


Is ps3 320GB compatible only with LCD or LED screen?

The PlayStation should work with all kinds of screens including LCD and LED

Will this wall mount work on any LCD or only certain brands?

This Lcd wall mount is a universal mount designed to work with most any brand with displays that range from 32-50".

Do cheap LCD televisions work as well as expensive ones?

These days there are many cheap LCD televisions available on the market, so it is not difficult to find a good cheap LCD TV. To see which bands are the best, have a look at this Cheap LCD TVs Buying Guide:

Will my video game affect my lcd tv?

nope, it'll work just like a regular tv. i have an LCD, and it woks just fine with my systems.

I changd the broken glass on my iphone every thing went great but after i put it back together the lcd won't work i put lcd in other phone and the lcd worked fine What is the problem and What is the f?

not sure

Does A sprint lcd for galaxy s3 work for an att galaxy s3?


How does maple story work on a lcd tv?

u plug the computer into the tv

Do lcd plasma tvs work longer than normal tvs?

No because the LCD or plasma technology is relatively new. It also depends on the maufacturer. Panasonics plasma tv has a 100,000 lifespan versus 60,000 of an LCD. Plasma and LCD are not the same type of tv either.

How do LCD thermometers work?

The LCD thermometers work much the same way as a bimetallic thermometer, only the circuitry inside the electronic thermometer measures the temperature through resistance. Through expansion, the device will have a higher resistance in higher temperatures, and the computer inside will make note of that. The temperature it derives is then displayed on an LCD screen. Then it works.

How does my pc, tv, and lcd work together?

Your lcd can be used as your pc monitor by a simple cable usually DVI to HMDI cable. Many gamers use lcd tvs for better game play. You can also hook your pc up to your LCD tv to play movies and tv shows.

Which is better a LCD or LED TV ?

LCD Televisions are known to be cheaper and come in the most sizes. In fact, the LED television is an improved and different version of the LCD. Best Buy has a fantastic selection of electronics and LCD Televisions (and employees do not work on commission, so, they will not pressure you into buying something ridiculous).