What is Leo Tolstoy's contribution to English prose?

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Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was a Russian writer who primarily wrote novels and short stories. Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays. His two most famous works, the novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, are acknowledged as two of the greatest novels of all time and a pinnacle of realist fiction. Many consider Tolstoy to have been one of the world's greatest novelists.[2][3] Tolstoy is equally known for his complicated and paradoxical persona and for his extreme moralistic and ascetic views, which he adopted after a moral crisis and spiritual awakening in the 1870s, after which he also became noted as a moral thinker and social reformer.
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How did the Vikings contribute to the English language?

The Viking contribution to the language we speak today is astonishing. Many place-names (mostly ending in -by, such as Selby) are from Old Norse in origin. Also, most words beginning with the sk- combination are Norse in origin. . For example: . Scuffle . Scant . Scowl . Skirt . Scare

What is prose?

Prose is basically written words structured the same as spoken words. Essentially the same as a book or short story, newspaper article, factual book or dialogue. An example of writing that is not prose is poetry, which may rhyme, or have a rhythmic structure or form. In a single simple sentenc ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when your English teacher in high school asks you to write a poem in prose form?

Answers . If the poem is difficult to understand it may mean that your teacher wants to find out if you've understood the poem from a linguistic point of view.. Oops. You don't say whether you were asked to turn an existing poem into prose - in which case the above would make sense - or whethe ( Full Answer )

How did Shakespeare contribute to the English language?

The very first English tragedy was Norton and Sackville's Gorboduc , probably written around 1562 (two years before Shakespeare was born). Theatre as we know it did not exist before Shakespeare's time. There were Miracle Plays, Mystery Plays, and Mummer shows - but these were amateur perfomances ( Full Answer )

What is a prose?

A prose is the ordinary form of written language and ordinary writing a distinguished from verse.

What did deaf people contribute to the English language?

The deaf contributed sign language and lip reading to the English languages. The first evidence of sign language actually dates back to texts written by Socrates in the 5th Century BC. But other than that, they live lives as we do and many were inventors and contributed to our well being. Deaf p ( Full Answer )

What is a Leo?

A Leo is a person whose birthday occurs in August. Astrologersbelieve that the star sign that a person falls under can reveal alot about their personality traits.

The nordics contribution to the English language?

Norse influence on English is profound. The Norse people founded many important British cities, such as Dublin and York, and a large part of Britain, called the Danelaw, was under Norse control for centuries. The pronoun "they" is Norse ( the Old English word for they was the same as the word for sh ( Full Answer )

Whats are the problems which hinder the proses of teaching English subject at intermediate level in Pakistan?

The main problem is a weak base in English. At the priamry level, not enough attention is given to teaching English and so many students have only a cursory grasp of English and so cannot comprehend the more advanced English of intermediate level. Also, the so-called Muslim uleam oppose English as t ( Full Answer )

What is the example of prose?

Prose is anything that is not poetry. So, nonfiction, novels,speeches, and formal letters are all examples of prose.

What is prose paragraph?

A prose paragraph is when you paraphrase the story or poem. Another word for paraphrase is reword it in your in own words so just sum it down to your own words.

What is a story prose?

Story prose is the narrative itself. Prose is in paragraph form, asopposed to poetical form. Prose is the action of the story.

What contributed to the English literary Renaissance?

The preaching of strict morals based on Protestant ideals characterizes the literary production of the English Renaissance. HELLO GCS USERS ON WIKIANSWERS HELLO GCS USERS ON WIKIANSWERS HELLO GCS USERS ON WIKIANSWERS HELLO GCS USERS ON WIKIANSWERS HELLO GCS USERS ON WIKIANSWERS HELLO GCS USERS ON ( Full Answer )

What are the contribution of the knight to early English literature?

The knights in the Middle Ages was accorded the highest rank of society and often amember of the king's court. The knights role in stories/epics is not only as a warrior but as a lover. Because of the system of knighthood, the position of women in society became one of great importance, and this is ( Full Answer )

Did Leo tolstoy's book War and Peace win an award?

I thought for sure he won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature.\n. \nOne fascinating aspect of the Nobel Prize for Literature has to do with the people who didn't win it. Leo Tolstoy never did. He was considered for the initial prize in 1901, but the judges determined that for his anarchism and his e ( Full Answer )

What contributions did the English make to American society?

The English made huge contributions to American society includingthe steam engine, most of the English language, and patriotism. TheEnglish also contributed to the American nuclear family image andearly government styles.

How much did the Celtic language contribute to English?

Not much, in terms of vocabulary. There are more Native American words in English than Celtic ones. But in terms of style, the Celtic contribution is great, as the linguistic substrate informing the diction of many English language stylists, such as James Joyce and Robert Louis Stevenson.

What is the Contributions of priest to English literature?

The priest is also a teacher as well as awriter They have big contributions to the English literature. In the olden times, priests write manuscripts/scriptures concerning their religion or beliefs. They even write about their findings or discoveries, because in those times priests also serve as 'sci ( Full Answer )

What did the English contribute to Canada?

Hard to answer without writing a book and hopefully others will add to this one but of the many things one was defeating the French military in 1759 and driving France from Canada. AND leaving the French people. If France had remained in control of New France we would have had a history more simi ( Full Answer )

Contribution of the priest to the ols English literature?

Literacy (the ability to read and write) was relatively rare in England before about the Sixteenth Century: schools were expensive and ordinary families were unable to send their children to them. One of the few ways a child from an ordinary background could learn to read and write was to follow ( Full Answer )

What elements are unrealistic in Tolstoy's the death of Ivan ilych?

the possibility of him dying from his appendix cannot be true since the appendix is on the right side and not the left as where his pain derived from. WRONG!! The pain from an appendix is on the left side, it is called rebounding pain. The pain originates from one part of the body, but it is felt s ( Full Answer )

What is the contribution of other languages to English language?

Chaucer - usually reckoned to be the first important poet in modern English - was a well-known translator from the French. Indeed, there is a famous French poem by Eustache Deschamps praising 'Noble Geoffrey Chaucer, the great translator'. Spenser - the earliest of the great Elizabethan authors - ( Full Answer )

What is the English translation for Leo Vincit?

the English translation for the lation "Leo vincit" is "victorious lion". it can be found on the crest of the National Champion Penn State Women's Rugby team. PSUWRFC

What does the spanish word no Leo mean in English?

"I can't read" The use or real translation for "no leo" could be when somebody ask you something like, Have you read the last book..? the answers coudl be "I don't like to read" or "I don't read". OR If someone (mom or dad) ask you to read something, sometimes you respond, "I don't want to read". ( Full Answer )

Who was tolstoy's heroine?

Tolstoy had many heroines in his books, but the one who was the title charcter ws Anna Karenina

What does Tolstoy's war and peace celebrate?

Tolstoy's War and Peace celebrates the themes of religion, suffering, and ultimate destiny. His characters constantly surmount social strain, national distress, and class struggle. They are most often helped with religious conversions and the reappearance of old friends.

What is RK Narayan's contribution to English prose?

He wrote and translated many great Indian works into English .He wrote about reality, about truth .Malgudi Days is one of his best works written in English.It deals with the fictional town of South India - Malgudi and about the lives of the people living there.

What is the Contributions of knights to early English literature?

By Seraphim..........the knights contributed only to the mythic nature of the Welsh Arthurian legend. The first writer to describe the Round Table was Wace, whose Roman de Brut was an elaboration of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae. Other literary contributions would have been made b ( Full Answer )

What are the contributions of poets in Old English literature?

Poetry comprises most of the Old English literature which we now have. Beowulf, The Exeter Book poems and other poetry is our best source for the language. The only writing in Old English which isn't poetry is the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

What were Tolstoy's views on Russian society?

Tolstoy thought that the peasants lived the best life possible, they were close to the earth so they were closest to God. The people that lived in the cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg were a fallen people. They were too fake, they worried more about appearance and following what was socially ac ( Full Answer )

What does the word prose mean in English form?

Prose is any expression in ordinary statement in written or speech as facts often dull and lacking imagination or the artistic nuances of literary devices used in poetry.

What is the English astrological sign 'Leo' in Italian?

Leone is an Italian equivalent of the English word "Leo" in astrology. Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun that means "lion." Its singular definite article il means "the." Its singular indefinite article un , uno means "a, one." The pronunciation is "LEH-oh."

What were the King James contribution to English language?

He commissioned an authorized translation of the Bible into English which was well executed and designed to be read aloud in churches. As such, its language was learned by the overwhelming majority of Britons who went to church. This occurred at the time when modern English was settling down followi ( Full Answer )

Did Mother Teresa contribute to English?

St. Teresa was sent to Ireland to learn English, but her many contributions to English went much farther than the lauguage. She did most of her healing and teaching in Albania and Calcutta. Once when an observer noticed Mother Teresa attending sick and poorly children, the observer remarked, "I woul ( Full Answer )

How do you answer a prose?

well i will take the hand of the person who have proposed me and put on my heart and ask him again whether he like me or not

What are Tolstoy's children names?

Tolstoy and Sofya had 13 children with 10 surviving infancy. . Sergey Tolstoy: Born in 1863. Sergey stayed in Russia all his life. Sergey died in 1948. . Tatyana "Tanya" Lvovna Tolstoy: Born in 1864. Tanya died in 1950. . Ilya Lvoich Tolstoy: Born in 1866. A writer and actor, Ilya died in 1933. . ( Full Answer )

How can one contribute to teaching English in Korea?

There are many ways in which one can contribute to teaching English in Korea. One can become an English teacher in Korea. One may also donate money to causes that help fund the teaching of the English language in Korea.