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Linux is a free, open source operating system kernel, but now is considered to be packaged with other programs to be an entire operating system (known as a distribution, as there are different ones). It is similar to the Unix operating system which has been around for decades.

Red Hat and Ubuntu are two examples of Linux distributions -- others include Debian, Suse, Mandrake (formerly Mandriva), and more. Linux as a whole is known for its robustness; it's used in mission-critical tasks by many industries. It can cost little to nothing to download and install, or you may choose to have a vendor pre-configure and provide support for you.

By far, the two most popular distributions are Ubuntu and Fedora.

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Linux and UNIX both are operating systems written in C and Assembly languages. UNIX is a primary operating system introduced in the year 1970 by Ken Thompson and others, while it is a multitasking and multiuser operating system. UNIX being a proprietary networking OS, its cost is high for a mainframe system. The end-users of UNIX are not authorised to change the kernel in any way as it results in the violation of the licence in the terms.

Later in the year 1991, a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds introduced the initial Linux kernel, which meant a clone of the UNIX. Linux is an open-source operating system and free for anyone to use and modify the code. Nowadays Linux OS is widely used in day to day life like Supercomputers, desktops, smartphones, web server, home appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, cars, modems etc.

Operating system: Each time when we turn on your computer, we can see and perform different activities on the system like write, read, browse the internet and watching a video. Well, all these activities are performed by an operating system or kernel. A kernel is a program which is the heart of any operating system, used to communicate between hardware and software. So, to work on the computer we need an operating system.

Nowadays Linux is in great demand and popularly used in everywhere. Linux is an open-source operating system which is freely downloaded and distributed over the internet. With time, Linux became an important backbone for an operating system like Knoppix, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora etc.

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Q: What is Linux?
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Linux Internals is a book about how Linux works.

What is the abbreviation for Linux?

There is no abbreviation for Linux. The Linux name comes from Linus Torvalds(Linux Creator) and UNIX Linux is a Free UNIX like system so it is hence called LINUX.

What is the difference between Linux and Linux kernel?

Nothing. Linux kernel is the first Linux the first Linux that came out, and it's a bit easier than every other Linux distrobution.

What is the Linux world?

Linux World is the Linux Development & Training Center

What kind of courses are available in linux And what are the papers in Linux?

The courses available for Linux include Linux server, Linux desktop, bash shell, and many others.

Mandriva is Linux or unix?


Who is owner of Linux?

Linux is open source. There is no owner of linux, it is a free kernel.

Where can one obtain the latest Linux news?

One can obtain the latest Linux news on websites such as CRN, Linux Today or Distro Watch. One can also find news about Linux on Arch Linux and Linux Journal.

Does Linux use the kernel of Unix?

No, it is unix-based but Linux is a kernel not an operating system.Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Debian,and puppy Linux,ect. are OS's that use the Linux kernel.

Is there a Linux wiki?

There are lots of Linux-oriented wikis. There is no official wiki for the Linux kernel.

Is UNIX based on Linux?

No, but Linux is based on Unix since Linux is a Unix clone.

What was the first Linux application?

I think it was the Linux kernel. There are many used with Linux now.

What is Linux application?

An application that runs in linux

Where was Linux invented?

Linux was created in Finland.

When was Linux For You created?

Linux For You was created in 2003.

What is the ID of a Linux extended partition?

82 => Linux swap / Solaris 83 => Linux ext2 & ext3 85 => Linux Extended partition

What is the purpose of Ubuntu in Linux?

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution (as in a specific OS setup with the Linux kernel.)

Was Red Hat Enterprise Linux the slang name for Linux?

No. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is simply a commercial Linux distribution primarily used for servers. It was never a nickname for Linux itself.

Can I play games on Linux and what is linux?

Linux is just an OS (Operating system like macOS, android, Windows...). But the different things are that Linux is a bit hard to learn. Linux is used by hackers (Linux is a "hacking machine", a bit like hacking in movies. And yes u can play games on Linux (There is some games that doesn't support Linux.)

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Linux Mint to learn. Ubuntu for gamers/programmers & Kali Linux for penetration testers and hackers.

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You can find online linux training at this website. They do training right from The Linux Foundation:

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There is no version of iChat for Linux.

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Linux is the kernel.

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There is no version of StarUML for Linux.

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