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now can i have a hug

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Q: What is Louis say is his favourite pickup line?
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How many people love Louis Tomlinson?

I see people saying "Louis is my favourite" on everything, mostly Louis, not Harry, Not Zayn, not Liam, not Niall, only Louis, so I will say about 25000 people love Louis

What to do if a cute girl gives you a hershey's kiss as a pickup line?

say " thank you, but i prefer a real kiss my love;)"

What was King Louis XIV's favourite colour?

Hard to say. One would expect, gold. Versailles, however, is decorated in gold and green.

What to say to a boy to get him in the mood for kissing?

say" what is your favourite number? (just say it was ten) whats your favourite animal? (pretend it was a tiger) whats your favourite body part? (pretend it was legs) whats your favourite color? (say it was green)then your favourite thing is a green tiger with ten legs! my favourite this is (your one) (pause and use a different tone) or maybe my favourite thing, is you. then you look into his eyes and kiss him. vwala!!(you don't say that part)

How do you say favourite in Afrikaans?


How do you say my favourite in welsh?


How do you say favourite in German?

Lieblings-[noun] favourite game - Lieblingsspiel favourite colour - Lieblingsfarbe She's his favourite. - Sie ist sein Liebling.

How do you say favourite in french?

préféréThis is an adjective and goes after the noun in french; for example:To say my favourite band, you would say mon groupe préféré

When was Louis Say born?

Louis Say was born in 1774.

When did Louis Say die?

Louis Say died in 1840.

Should you say amazing food by your favourite chef or from your favourite chef?

Either is fine.

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