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What is Mars' temperature?



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Mars is never what we would call "hot." It is too far from the Sun. You probably know that Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun. Mars is about 142 million miles from the Sun (on average). In the winter, Mars can get as cold as 191 degrees below zero. In the summer, the temperature on Mars only reaches about 24 degrees below zero. So, although summer is much warmer than winter, it is never as warm as Earth. The difference in temperature is due to the fact that Mars is tilted on its axis. Just like the Earth, as Mars orbits the Sun, the seasons change. But, all the seasons on Mars are cold!

The temperature on Mars is about -60c on average, but can get as low as -90c at the poles, and as high as 20c at the equator.

The average recorded temperature on Mars is -63° C (-81° F) with a maximum temperature of 20° C (68° F) and a minimum of -140° C (-220° F).
the temperature of the surface at the winter polar caps drop to -225° F, (-143° C) while the warmest soil occasionally reaches +81° F (27° C) google is awesuuumm!!!!
The temperature is typically about -63 oC (-81 oF). However, the equatorial regions of Mars may occasionally reach temperatures of up to 30-40 oC (50-68 oF), while during the long polar nights, the temperature can fall to around -120 oC (-184 oF). Suffice it to say, it gets cold.

Depending on Mars orientation to the Sun (Year) and it's axial rotation (Day) it's temperature can vary.

Min: 186 K, −87°C, -125°F

Max: 293 K, +20°C, +68°F

Mean: 210 K, -63°C, -81.5°F