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Mangaka (A comic book artist to western people)

according to his fan book and shonen jump interviews his favorite character is shikamaru. This is someone elses above I thought it was anko but im not sure I've heard a lot of people say, that sasuke is kishimotos favorite character, and I've also heard that naruto is now kishimotos charater, but what i know now is anko is kishmotos favorite female, i think kishimoto favorite character is sasuke of naruto hope this helped ^_^ ~lolzyukari

What is Joe's most prized possession?

naruto ultimete ninja five will not come to the usa for another couple years it says in masashi kishimotos blog it will come out in 2020 if you can w8 that long...BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT ON MAGICSPACE.COM!!!!!!!

according to nick Jonas his prize 2 things are his bible and his les paul (gutair)

He gave his prize possession, his black switchblade.

purchase, buy, investment, property, gain, asset, prize, possession

Tom Sawyers prize Possession in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer was Becky. Because He was very in love with her and would do anything for her.

Masashi Ueda was born in 1947.

Masashi Waki was born in 1945.

Masashi Nagadoi is 5' 9".

Masashi Nakayama is 178 cm.

Masashi Kato was born in 1970.

Masashi Mito was born in 1962.

Masashi Odate is 5' 7".

Masashi Nakano was born in 1948.

Masashi Asaki was born in 1970.

Masashi Sugawara is 177 cm.

Masashi Ebara is 175 cm.

Masashi Fujimoto is 165 cm.

Masashi Ishibashi is 177 cm.

Masashi Eriguchi was born in 1988.

Masashi Fujiwara was born in 1946.

Masashi Kawakami was born in 1972.

Masashi Abe was born in 1965.

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