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what is the disadvantages network Note: internet explorer is a place where we can open any website.

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What are Microsoft browsers?

Following are the Microsoft browsers All version of Internet Explorer . like Internet Explorer 5.0 Internet Explorer 5.5 Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8

What is the name of Microsoft Internet Browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Who created Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer was developed by Microsoft.

What has the author Douglas W Allen written?

Douglas W. Allen has written: 'Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 at a glance' -- subject(s): Internet, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Internet explorer

What are the uses of Microsoft internet explorer?

Microsoft explorer is one of the browsers of the internet. It's main purpose is to connect to the internet.

Who made internet explorer?

Internet Explorer is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, and is made by Microsoft.

What is windows Internet Explorer?

Windows internet explorer is a web browser from Microsoft.

What is default IE in windows 7?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is the default version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that comes with Microsoft Windows 7.

Who invented the internet explorer?


Who is the owner of Internet explorer?


What is the unique name for Microsoft explorer?

Windows Internet Explorer

Where can the Internet Explorer downloads be found?

Internet Explorer is an internet browser developed by Microsoft. The free downloads can be found on the Microsoft website. They are available in a range of languages.

Where can Internet Explorer XP be downloaded?

Internet Explorer XP can not be downloaded. Updates for it can be downloaded on the Microsoft website. Newer versions of Explorer can be downloaded on the Microsoft website as well.

Why do you use internet explorer?

I use internet explorer because it is faster and freely available by microsoft.

What is Microsoft browser?

The browser made by Microsoft is called Internet Explorer.

What browser does Microsoft produce?

Microsoft produces the browser, Internet Explorer.

Is Internet Explorer Microsoft or Windows?

Microsoft make windows. It is made by Microsoft for their windows operating system!! Note: Internet explorer it is a part of windows. inbuild of windows opreting systems. it developed by Microsoft.

Who makes the internet explorer?

ummm, Microsoft?!

Which company created internet explorer?


How is Bill Gates an entrepreneur?

He created many programs like Microsoft and internet explorer. He created many programs like Microsoft and internet explorer.

What is in Internet Explorer Internet Options?

Web Explorer and Windows Internet Explorer, normally abridged is a progression of graphical web programs created by Microsoft and included as a feature of the Microsoft Windows line of working framework.

Where can one download Internet Explorer 6?

One can download Internet Explorer 6 directly from the Microsoft website or from a number of other websites. Downloading Internet Explorer 6 directly from Microsoft is the best option.

What has the author Jill T Freeze written?

Jill T. Freeze has written: 'Sams' teach yourself Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 in 24 hours' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Browsers (Computer programs), Internet, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Internet explorer

What is the abbreviation mie stand for?

MIE is an abbreviation for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser that was first launched by Microsoft in 1995 as part of their Windows 95 release.

What is the latest Internet Explorer Download available?

The latest Internet Explorer Download is version 10 of the internet browser. This can be downloaded from the Internet Explorer website or through Microsoft.