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Q: What is Mitt Romney's pet fishes name?
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Do pet gold fishes have eyes?

of course they have eyes

What do fishes eat?

Fishes eat any types of food designed for them in a pet store. Some even eat certain veggies and fruits. Just go to a local pet store and the employees will gladly help you find the right foods for your fishes!

Can pet fishes eat fish bait?

yes but not too much

What is a feeder goldfish?

Feeder goldfishes are kept to feed other large fishes So basically they are food for other fishes You can usually get them in a pet store

What types of fishes are most commonly sold in pet stores?

Goldfish and angel fish

What is a good pet store name?

Pet world*Your Town's* Pet ShopFluffy, Scaly, Soft, Rough*Your Last Name's* Pets*Your Pet's Name* Pet ShopAll Things Pet!Pet People

What is SpongeBob's pet's name?

The pet name of spongebob is GARY.Spongebob's pet is Gary the snail.

How do you name a pet in Warcraft?

you need to be a hunter, to name your pet, if you are you can name him by pressing "c", going to "pet", then beside name, type the name.

What should you name your pet pet on pet pet park?


What should you feed a pet frog?

Insects, small fishes and even small frogs depending on what species of frog is your pet is.Feed it what it normally eats in the wild..BeadlesCricketsWormsGrasshoppersFliesetc.

What is the name of the president's pet?

The President pet's name is Boo

What is the scientific name for a pet?

What is the scientific name for a pet dog?

What saved the Virginia colony from an Indian attack?

the James town people and there whales in the ocean and there pet dinsours and fishes

Do fish have any toys?

yes fishes do have toys just go to pet smart there r bunch of toys

Does Mitt Romney have a pet?

I believe he owns the worlds 18th largest ant farm, housing over 2.15 million ants.

What is the name of Voldemorts pet snake?

Nagini is the name of Voldemort's pet snake.

What was the name of Cleopatra's pet?

Cleopatra's pet Leopard's name was Arrow. :) <3

What i the name of Justin Bieber's pet?

the name of Justin's pet is Sam and it is a dog!

How many pet fish can you put in your three gallon freshwater tank?

yo can put three fishes one fish is for 1 gallon 2 fishes for 2 gallons every gallon is for one fish

What should you name your Webkinz pet?

well, what pet is it?

What is spongbobs pet name?

His pet is called Gary.

What is dixies pet?

bluebell is the name of dixies pet

In little pet shop how do you change your name?

you go in the house on the left click on a pet it will say change pet's name

How do you get money on pet pet park?

find a game and play it! :) Or You Can Also Do Jobs also known as quests around the park. :D The anwser just now was nothing, so the real anwser is= Go to Jiggybug Lagoon Fish for JiggyBug Fishes Exchange them for money to Crikee, in the Park Station 10 JiggyBug Fishes are 100 coins so if u get 100 Jiggybug fishes, you get 1000 coins Easy right?

If you farted near fish can the fart kill the fishes?

It depends how Toxic your fart is? Did u loose any pet because of your fart?