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What is Muhammad known as?

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mohammed founded the religion of Islam.

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The prophet Muhammad was known for being the leader of a major religious group. Specifically, he was known for spreading the word of peace to his followers.

The migration of Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers, to Medina is known as the Hijra.

The Islamic scriptures, the Koran, frequently speak of Muhammad. However, Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible, which was written long before the time of Muhammad and its authors could not have known of him.

The line of succession to Muhammad is known as the caliphate. Shia and Sunni Muslims differ on how the caliph, the leader of a caliphate, is to be chosen.

Muhammad is known as the last prophet in the Islamic faith. He was praying on a mountain and said that God spoke to him through an angel and chose Muhammad as a prophet.

Muhammad Jinnah was a very famous individual, especially in the region of Pakistan. Muhammad Jinnah was a lawyer, politician and was also the founder of Pakistan.

Muhammad Ture chose the title askia, a title of high military rank. Eventually, he became known as Askia the Great.

muhammad bin tughlaq qas known as a mixture of opposites as he made his decisions at the wrong time and changed them when it was too late

He was known for his honesty, justice, and kindness.

nabi/rasool prophet/messenger

Muhammad Ghori was also known as Muizuddin bin Sam

The night when Muhammad received his first revelation is known as the Night of Ordainment. This happened when Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in the cave of Hira.

The name of the horse that Muhammad used to travel from Mecca to Madeena is not known.

Before converting to Islam, Muhammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay.

In Islam: Known as Angel Jibril In Christianity: Known as Angel Gabriel

He was from the most respecable tribe known as Bani Hashim.

one of his son, Jahangir(also known as Saleem) ruled after the death o Jalaudin Muhammad Akbar.

Not easy to describe the life of prophet Muhammad in the limited allowed space for question answer. It is enough to say here that Prophet Muhammad was selected by A Christian Western writer as the first over 100 known world figures selected world wide and since the known history. Refer to link below for more to read about Prophet Muhammad life.

Muhammad Owais Raza Quadri currently practices the Islamic religion. Muhammad Raza Quadri is a well known Pakistani singer and songwriter as well as a poet.

His original name was Cassius Clay.

translator or author of the Holy Qu'ran

Muhammad Shah (1719-1748) was a weak and pleasure-loving king, who neglected the affairs of the Kingdom and spent most of his time merry-making. For this reason he is popularly known as Muhammad Shah Rangila.

Muhammad is the founder of the religion known as Islam. According to Muslims (the believers), Muhammad received his revelation from God, and revealed what was later to become the Quran.