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NAND Flash is a special form of Flash memory. Flash memory is a memory technology that keeps data even when the power supply is cut off; this is known as a non-volatile memory type. Flash memory can be read pretty fast, but writing to Flash memory is pretty slow compared to many other -volatile- memory technologies such as SRAM or DRAM. Flash also has a limited number of write-cycles; manufacturers typically specify something in the area of 10,000 writes for the lifetime of the part.

NAND Flash is faster than regular Flash, although the general characteristics still hold.

Flash memory is widely used in digital cameras, portable MP3 players, USB (Flash) sticks, and many other devices.

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Q: What is NAND flash?
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What does NAND stand for in NAND flash?

Not And (electronic logic gate)

What is NAND flash memory?

it is made bu use ing nand gates logic

What is is faster synchronous slc NAND flash or toggle MLc NAND flash?

Toggle is the fastest type of MLC NAND by a considerable margin. There is a larger performance gap between toggle and synchronous than there is between synchronous and asynchronous.

Where is Nand flash?

That is simple as example USB flash memory, pen drives, memory cards.

Which type of memory has fast erase and write times?

Nand Flash Memory.

Which chip is used for storage in pendrive?

NAND Flash is typical choice of the manufacturers.

Where can one find more information on Nand Flash memory?

Wikipedia is likely the quickest and easiest way to learn more about NAND Flash memory. Another resource is navigating yourself to Micron's website, a company that sells said product.

Is a flash memory magnetic tape or optical?

Neither. Flash memory is comprised of computer chips, specifically something called NAND memory.

What is flashing in Sony PSP?

Flashing is the act of writing files to the flash, usually called NAND. The NAND is separated into four sections, FLASH 0, FLASH1, FLASH 2, FLASH 3, each with own files which the PSP reads and requires in order to turn on and function properly, in other words it contains the PSP OS/System Software.

What do nonvolatile flash memory devices use to retain data when power is turned off or disconnected?


Who invented USB flash drive?

The USB interfaced NAND memory was invented by Dov Moran. He worked for M-Systems, where the very first Flash Drive was manufactured.

Can I add external memory to my iPhone?

Yes you can, by an external hard drive. Seagate offers a wireless hard drive that will connect to your ipad, iphone, and other wireless also can remove old NAND Flash on your iphone device, replace the 128G NAND Flash with same serial number, more information, visit:

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