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NTSC stands for National Television Systems Committee. It's the set of standards used for TV and video in the U.S. since 1953.

These are mandated standards for televisions sold in the U.S and some other countrys like Japan. They include an aspect ratio of 4:3, 525 horizontal interlaced scan lines, and 29.97 fps (frames per second).

Since NTSC allows the control of the HUE (tint) of the color unlike PAL that does not, many TV engineers used to say that NTSC stood for "Never Twice Same Color"

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Q: What is NTSC?
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NTSC-uk was created in 2001.

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Yes, it will as long as your TV is NTSC compatible. If it is not, there is and NTSC-PAL adapter available which will allow this to work on older TV which are not compatible with NTSC

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France use PAL format video, you would not be able to play NTSC video on a PAL TV. Bring a NTSC monitor with you as long it can handle France's 220v 50Hz power

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An NTSC dvd player is a dvd player that only plays NTSC discs. You can find more information here: Shop around for the best price if you decide to buy one.

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Yes if it has a NTSC Analog tuner and No a ATSC Digital Tuner will not receive NTSC Analog and vice versa.

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sorry no in the UK its only pal so don't go and buy a whole bunch of ntsc stuff