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The National Grump Out Day has been celebrated on the first Wednesday in May since 2002. It calls for people to refrain from being grumpy or grouchy for 24 hours.

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When is National Grump Out Day?

The Great American Grump Out is held the first Wednesday of every May. I know this because I am the creator of the Grump Out. My name is Janice A. Hathy and you can find out more about the Grump Out on my web site If you have any questions or if you have some cool stuff you've done for Grump Out day, visit the web site and sign our Guestbook. We'd love to read about it!!!

What is the adjective of grump?

It is grumpy.

Can you be a grump in halo reach?

Only if you are a moder

What is the English term for reklamo?

The word "reklamo" is in Tagalog or Filipino language (national language of the Philippines). In English language it's meaning is "complain", "grouch", "grump", "whine".

What rhymes with clump?

pump, dump, lump, grump,

What is a word for like a grump?

scrooge {skrooj(pronunciation)}

Synonyms for complain?

whine grumble grouch grump to beef

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Tom Hanks.

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when is national medical records day

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National Puzzle Day

When is National Girlfriends day in 2010?

When is National Girlfriends Day

What day is chocolate day in April?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Here Comes the Grump - 1969?

The cast of Here Comes the Grump - 1969 includes: Stefanianna Christopherson as Princess Dawn (1969-1971) June Foray Athena Lorde Marvin Miller Jay North as Terry Dexter (1969-1971) Avery Schreiber Rip Taylor as The Grump (1969-1971)

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national day is like independence day but it is not it is on august 10

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National Otter Day is a day where people can celebrate otters.

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