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What is Nero's relation to Julius Caesar?


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October 25, 2010 4:37PM

Great-great-great-great nephew by adoption and by marriage (as an in-law), in the line of Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar's older sister, Julia Caesaris.

Julia Caesaris married Marcus Atius Balbus.

They had a daughter named Atia.

Atia married Gaius Octavius.

They had a daughter named Octavia Minor.

Octavia Minor married Marc Antony.

They had a daughter named Antonia Minor.

Antonia Minor married Drusus the Elder.

They had a son named Claudius (Emperor).

Claudius married Agrippina the Younger (his fourth wife).

He adopted her son, Nero (Emperor) from her first marriage to Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus.

Nero also married his adoptive father's (Claudius's) biological daughter, Claudia Octavia. Thus making Nero the great-great-great grand nephew of Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar.

Nero is also Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar's great-great-great-great grandson, mostly by adoption.

Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar adopted Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus (Gaius Octavius, First Emperor of Rome,who is also Caesar's great nephew by his sister, Julia Caesarius, from earlier).

Augustus Caesar (1st Emperor) adopted Tiberius Claudius Nero.

TIberius Claudius Nero adopted Germanicus.

Germanicus married Agrippina the Elder.

They had a daughter, Agrippina the Younger (Claudius' fourth wife, from above).

Agrippinia married Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus.

They had a son, Nero.

The Julio-Claudian family did a lot of intermarriage, so there may be more connections than just those (actually, I would almost guarantee that there are), however, those are the most direct connections that I know of.

Either way, Nero was not technically a blood relative to Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar.